A new sexual assault complaint against the singer of the group “No One is Innocent”

Mildred Vouney, a 45-year-old woman, filed a new sexual assault complaint in early March against the singer of the group “No One is Innocent” Marc Gulbenkian, who disputes the facts. This complaint with civil action aims to relaunch the investigation and open a judicial investigation after the closing of the preliminary investigation on November 2, 2022 for “insufficiently characterized offense”.

Since June 2018, she has accused the singer, then a close friend, of having sexually assaulted her on the sidelines of a festival on August 5, 2017 in Alès (Gard). “I am firmly convinced that it will go to the end and that justice will be done,” said Mildred Vouney, saying her life was very “damaged”.

A complaint from the singer for slanderous denunciation

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Me Aurore Boyard, recently told AFP that she hoped to obtain “an even deeper investigation” in order to “go further in establishing the truth”. Marc Gulbenkian, 55, disputed these accusations in the spring of 2022 on social networks. “There has never been a sexual assault and we will be filing a complaint for slanderous denunciation in the next few days,” his lawyer, Me Caroline Toby, replied to AFP on Thursday, referring to a “thorough preliminary investigation” with ” hearings, testimonies, serious investigations”.

According to Me Toby, Mildred Vouney “stayed in contact” with her client “for more than six months after the facts denounced, to ask him for money, concert tickets, to go dancing with him in a nightclub. Better, she even stayed with him in January 2018 ”.

“You just put her in the shower naked and touched her”

According to her complaint, of which AFP was aware, the complainant, an acupuncturist by profession, found Marc Gulbenkian on the day of the incident for a one-hour session. She accuses the singer of having then burst into her hotel room, removed Mildred Vouney’s tank top and shorts, before pushing her into the bathroom, stripping her of her underwear, and touching her hand. chest and genitals. She says she said “no” to him several times.

A recording made public by Mediapart, was added to the record. The ex-wife of the singer questions the person concerned about these facts by throwing to him: “You just put her in the shower naked and you touched her”. Marc Gulbenkian replies: “Yeah I know, yeah I didn’t feel well […]. I messed up “. This woman would have corroborated the accusations with the investigators, according to the complaint.

Following the announcement of the preliminary investigation, several concerts of the group had been postponed. Three of its members announced their departure in January.

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