A mother evicted from her low-cost housing after her son’s conviction for drug trafficking

“First victory with the eviction of a drug trafficker, tenant of Côte d’Azur Habitat! Other eviction procedures are underway, we will not give up: no social housing for the enemies of the Republic! », Tweeted last Friday Anthony Borré, first deputy mayor of Nice and president of the most important social landlord in the Alpes-Maritimes.

A 19-year-old, who has just been sentenced to twenty months in prison, and his mother, whose name appears on the apartment lease, will be evicted from their HLM accommodation in addition to paying a fine of 500 euros . “The court upheld the office’s request to initiate eviction proceedings against the son of a tenant who caused many nuisances in the Chênes district, such as: acts of vandalism, damage to property… And who has just been convicted of drug trafficking ”, Côte d’Azur Habitat told Nice morning.

A new regulation for almost a year

Last October, a reform of the internal regulations for HLM rental contracts made it possible to facilitate evictions in the event of criminal convictions of a tenant or a person living under his roof. Six months later, an agreement between the public prosecutor’s office and the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture was also signed to inform the social landlord about the tenant’s legal affairs in order to initiate proceedings.

Asked by 20 Minutes in April, Zohra Briand of the Right to Housing 06 association (Dal) underlined: “Politicians must understand that housing is a family’s last resource. “Anaïs Tarone, a lawyer at the Nice bar, was questioned:” The very principle of a conviction is to serve your sentence and to redeem yourself with society. With an expulsion, it is a new sanction, sometimes for his whole family. What will become of these people who are labeled on criminal terms? “

Since the reform of the regulations, 72 procedures have been initiated.

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