a minor calls the police “dirty white people”, justice does not pursue the facts

A 14-year-old minor insulted police officers as “dirty white people” at the Asnières-sur-Seine police station (Hauts-de-Seine). Here, the entrance to a police station (illustrative photo). HJBC / stock.adobe.com

The 14-year-old minor uttered these insults while in police custody at the Asnières police station. To the great surprise of the officials, these racist insults were not upheld by the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office.

Police officers from the Asnières-sur-Seine police station (Hauts-de-Seine) were confronted with a particularly virulent 14-year-old minor on Wednesday September 27. Placed in police custody in a case of racketeering on public roads, in which he was suspected of being an accomplice, the teenager increased his provocations towards the police officers within the police station.

After banging on the walls and windows of his cell, he threw his bowl full of food at a police officer. According to our information, the minor also uttered insults on multiple occasions, particularly of a racist nature, aimed at several civil servants. Among these kindnesses: “If I meet you outside, you’re nothing, you dirty white guy!“.

These racist insults, recognized by the minor, were mentioned in the proceedings. But the division of the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office in charge of minors did not detain them. A decision which arouses incomprehension among the police. The 14-year-old minor, however, is being prosecuted for contempt and rebellion. He was summoned next month for a criminal warning. Contacted, the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office was not immediately available.

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