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“We are not just service providers”

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Alexander Hoyer, landlord of the Schweiger Bräu in Markt Schwaben, experiences the problems of the branch first-hand. Nevertheless, he is a passionate restaurateur.

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The catering industry suffered greatly from the corona restrictions. At the same time, she has many other problems to contend with. The host of the Schweiger Bräu in Markt Schwaben, Alexander Hoyer, on the lack of staff, his desire for tax relief – and why a restaurateur can still be a nice job.

Interviewed by

Merlin Aquarius, market Swabia

Alexander Hoyer (32) left home at the age of 14, trained as a chef early on and has remained true to gastronomy. For ten years now he has been in charge of the fortunes of the Schweiger Brauhaus in Markt Schwaben and experiences the problems, but also the joys of gastronomy day after day firsthand.

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