A man killed by a police officer the day after Emmanuel Macron’s visit

On Friday, in New Caledonia, a 48-year-old man was killed by a police officer who had been “physically attacked” by rioters, the Nouméa prosecutor announced. This seventh death since the start of the riots comes just after Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the archipelago.

While they were driving in Dumbéa, north of Nouméa, two police officers were “physically attacked by a group of around fifteen individuals” and one of them used his weapon, explained this Friday prosecutor Yves Dupas. “In circumstances that remain to be determined, the official would have used his service weapon by firing a shot, to escape this physical altercation,” added the prosecutor.

“The first findings show the presence of traces of blows on the faces of the civil servants,” we learned in a press release.

The police officer, on whom traces of blows were noted, was placed in police custody and an investigation into intentional homicide by a person holding public authority was opened, according to the public prosecutor. The investigations will be carried out “with all the objectivity and impartiality necessary to reveal the truth”, underlined the prosecutor.

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Seven people, including two gendarmes, have been killed in New Caledonia since the start of the crisis on May 13. This is the first time that a person has been killed by a member of the security forces.

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