A malnourished dog found between life and death

Cases of animal abuse are unfortunately not uncommon. But each time, they hurt the heart. This is still the case with the tragic fate of Abby. This dog was discovered Friday evening by two young girls in a small fenced enclosure without access belonging to the town of La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis).

“As the animal was only skin and bones and was dying, they called us and we notified the police station,” says Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of Animal Protection Action. The police team on site finds the dog and climbs the gate to evacuate the animal, which no longer had the strength to move. She was taken to the vet and immediately hospitalized.

Constants are bad

“She weighed 12 kg while a Malinois Belgian shepherd like her weighs around 25-30 kg”, specifies Anne-Claire Chauvancy. But, despite her hospitalization, Abby, of her new name, is unfortunately not out of the woods yet. “She was so thin that the organs suffered and we don’t know if they will hold. And its constants are always bad. »

The extreme thinness of the dog is scary to see. – Animal protection action

A complaint was filed by the animal protection association for voluntary abandonment. And the owner has been identified since he presented himself to the police on hearing a noise to try to recover his dog, as if nothing had happened. “He risks up to three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, specifies Anne-Claire Chauvancy. And up to five years if Abby dies. »

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