A little-known Belmondo… “Women and the murderer” on Netflix…

There is not only the direct in life, there is also the replay. From YouTube to Netflix to TV channel replays and radio station podcasts, 20 minutes every Sunday concocts a list of things to see, or review, listen to or listen to again.

An Italian Bébel

This week was marked by the death, at 88, of Jean-Paul Belmondo. To pay tribute to him, many channels have shaken up their programming in order to rebroadcast some of his most emblematic films and popular with the general public. France 3 proposed Friday in its box “Midnight Cinema”, a little-known feature film: La Viaccia, also titled The Wrong Path, by Mauro Bologni. In this Italian film released in 1961, a year later Breathless, Bébel shares the poster with Claudia Cardinale. He plays Amerigo, a young man moving to Florence to work with his uncle. There he meets Bianca, a prostitute with whom he will fall in love. The Franco-Italian actor couple will be back on screen the following year in Cartridge by Philippe de Broca.
La Viaccia is available on France.tv until September 21.

September 11 experienced by journalists

The news of the week was also marked by the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of September 11. There again, the channels offered many documentaries and specials. In the batch, we retain the first number of the 9 p.m. Media aired Wednesday on TMC (and
visible in replay). Presented by Julien Bellver, columnist for Day-to-day, this magazine mainly narrates the event from a journalistic point of view.

The figures of French TV – David Pujadas, Elise Lucet… – and reporters present that day on the scene in the United States (Michel Moutot for AFP, Laurence Haïm for Canal +), remember those hours that transformed the world and evoke journalistic practices and editorial choices. Exciting.

“Women and the Assassin” on Netflix

Point of view and journalistic angle still with Women and the murderer, documentary by Mona Achache and Patricia Tourancheau available on Netflix since Friday. It retraces in ninety minutes the hunt and the trial of Guy Georges. If many reports and even a film (The SK1 case, also visible on the platform) were devoted to the “killer of the East of Paris”, the singularity of this documentary is to emphasize the testimonies of the women. We see the mother of a victim, an investigator (Martine Monteil, who was the first woman to head the judicial police), lawyers, a journalist (Patricia Tourancheau who then worked for Release). The assassin is relegated to the background to better make room for the words of these women who have each with a different intensity been tested and marked by the affair.

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