A leopard sows panic in a city in the north of the country

Fear over the city. A leopard attacked a policeman on Sunday morning and caused panic among the residents of Ghaemshahr, a city in northern Iran. He was eventually captured, local media reported.

The animal “attacked and injured a policeman before fleeing to a garden,” Mazandaran provincial environmental protection spokesman Kamyar Valipour told the official Irna news agency. “The state of health of the policeman does not inspire concern,” he added.

The inhabitants terrified by the beast

A video circulating on social media shows a leopard standing on the ledge of a bank sign. Shortly after, panicked, the animal jumps to the ground and flees. Residents, terrified, run in all directions shouting, according to the images.

The leopard was captured and transported to the protected area of ​​Semeskandeh, in the same region, Irna said. The province’s environment department is investigating whether the animal entered the city from forested areas or was living illegally with locals.

Many wild animals, including wolves and foxes, have been seen in urban areas in Iran in recent weeks, according to Hamchahri, the city hall daily. The newspaper notably reports the presence of a bear in the town of Marvdasht (south) and a wolf attack on two elderly women in Khalkhal (north-west).

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