a law that “will not change anything”, according to Bruno Retailleau

The boss of the LR senators notably attacked the question of the “stressed occupations” residence permit for undocumented workers.

The boss of LR senators Bruno Retailleau estimated on Wednesday February 1 that the immigration billwon’t change the game» and warned against «uprisings at the ballot box” if “we don’t take back control” on the subject.

We have the figures for 2022, again a broken record“, assured LCI Bruno Retailleau while France recorded 137,000 first asylum applications last year. “We are in full migratory disorder“, he added.

The project “will not be a game changer”

According to him, the bill which arrives Wednesday in the Council of Ministers “won’t change the game“, because he “does not allow to regain control, control of immigration“. Gold “if we don’t regain control, the French will tell us, and there will be insurgencies at the polls very soon“, he added, in allusion to Sweden where “the far right is at the gates of power“.

Countries that control immigration cannot be in the at the same time“”, assured Bruno Retailleau. “We are the most attractive country in Europe for the right of asylum, free access to healthcare, family reunification“. The boss of the LR senators notably attacked the residence permit “jobs in tension» for undocumented workers, provided for by this bill which also wants to toughen expulsions, considering that «we are going to create a new mass regularization sector“.

We still have mass unemployment in France and we should always import more, if I may say so, foreign labour?“asked the senator from Vendée according to whom”it is to abdicate, to resign oneself“. Even if she “will vote on individual measures that can go in the right direction“, the patron saint of deputies RN Marine Le Pen judges for her part that the project is not”at the level of the problem», denouncing «a total deregulation of an immigration that has become anarchic“.

On the jobs in tensionmeasures to facilitate evictions “do not compensate for the creation of a form of campaign to regularize illegal immigrants which is a call for illegal immigration“, added the deputy of Pas-de-Calais on franceinfo.

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