A kennel and a horror breeding discovered by the gendarmerie

A hundred dogs seized, five members of the same family in custody and a kennel in the crosshairs of justice for acts of mistreatment of animals. This is the result of a vast operation by the gendarmerie which took place on Wednesday in Wavrin and Haubourdin, near Lille, we learned on Saturday from the lawyer of a dog owner.

The five suspects, who ran a kennel, also engaged in dog breeding and training dog handlers. According to the gendarmerie of Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin, the intervention follows an investigation “targeting the owners of several companies linked to canine breeding, in particular the kennel of 2 Louveteaux, in Wavrin”.

State of obvious negligence

“The searches led to the discovery of 122 dogs, mainly Belgian shepherds and five cats in a state of manifest neglect, underline the gendarmes on their Facebook page. The animals have been entrusted to the Society for the Protection of Animals, and will receive care in various shelters in France. These are mainly Malinois, Pugs and German Spitz. »

These are complaints from dog owners who have alerted law enforcement. “Individuals collected the animals often in a deplorable state, injured, emaciated, covered with fleas and excrement”, specifies the gendarmerie.

Hanged dogs

The breeding and training of canine officers aspect also seems outside the legal nails. According to the investigators, “when the animals were not performing well enough, the protagonists would have got into the habit of killing them in a particularly cruel way, such as hanging. »

During the search, the gendarmes also claim to have discovered the body of a frozen dog and illegal practices of veterinary medicine through the trafficking of electronic identification chips.

Finally, “suspicions of tax evasion and concealed work have also been observed”, according to the gendarmerie. “During the searches, more than 22,000 euros in cash were seized and 64 bank accounts are under investigation. The damage for Urssaf is already estimated at more than 233,000 euros, ”she explains.

The police custody has been lifted, but the investigation is continuing to exploit the elements seized during the searches.

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