A journalist tried for the stoning of the permanence of Éric Ciotti

He admitted having thrown a stone on the window of the permanence of Éric Ciotti, the day before the vote of the motions of censure against the pension reform. A journalist for the alternative information site Mouais.org, tried in immediate appearance on Thursday, was placed under judicial supervision pending a new trial, AFP learned from his lawyer.

The damage to the premises of the deputy, president of the Les Républicains party, installed on the port of Nice, had been committed on the night of March 18 to 19. The window had been broken and a slogan “the motion or the pavement” had been tagged. On Monday March 20, one of the two motions of censure presented against the government’s text was rejected by nine votes.

Expired press card

The 31-year-old young man who, according to his lawyer, Me Laure Pons, is “journalist, holder of a press card number but with a press card which has expired for a year”, lives “in the region of Nice “. He was identified by city surveillance cameras.

At the hearing on Thursday, he asked for time to prepare his defense and will be tried on September 26. In the meantime, he was placed under judicial supervision, while the prosecution had demanded his imprisonment. He will have to report to the police every week.

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