A giant banner “Sorry Charles” deployed facing the English coast

“Sorry Charles, see you later. A hundred trade unionists deployed a giant banner this Thursday on a cape on the north coast facing the English coast, ironically over the cancellation of the visit to France by the British monarch, King Charles III, due to mobilization against the reform of the retreats.

“Bollard changes course”, proclaimed a second banner, red letters on a white background, stretched by the demonstrators in union vests, mainly from the CGT, behind that addressed to the British monarch (“Sorry Charles, see you next”), noted an AFP correspondent.

Coming in convoy for this action on Cap Blanc-Nez, one of the closest points to the English coast from the north of France, the demonstrators of the inter-union of Calais, held out for a few moments in the face of violent gusts of wind and rain beating the cliff.

Accompanied by his wife Camilla, Charles III was to make a state visit to France from March 26 to 29, his first trip abroad since his accession to the throne. After the postponement of this trip due to protests against the pension reform, the royal couple finally began their first international visit on Wednesday in Berlin.

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