A free puzzle game is taking over the web

Originally developed as a fun puzzle game for his partner, the browser game by a developer from New York is conquering the Internet. Anyone who knows the logic game Mastermind will quickly find their way around.

A simple puzzle game called Wordle conquers this Internet. In a few weeks, a programmer’s free game will be out of the USA not just played into the heart of his partner. Because the program was originally intended for them. Instead, players around the world are now puzzling over the bet.

The developer of the game is the programmer Josh Wardle from Brooklyn, reports the New York Times. He knew that his partner loves word games. So he made a guessing game just for the two of them. In reference to his last name, he called it Wordle. And as the game in the whatsApp-Group was well received by his family, he finally published it.

This is how Wordle works

The secret behind the success is the simplicity of the game. Like the Sudoku popular in magazines, it can be solved in a matter of minutes. Anyone who knows the game Mastermind will quickly find their way around the puzzle.

The player has six attempts to guess a five-letter English answer. After each word entered, the program stores the letters in three different colors. Correct letters in the correct place are highlighted in green. Correct letters in the wrong place are highlighted in yellow. And wrong letters appear in gray.

Every day players can guess a new word and share their results on social networks. In addition to the simplicity of the game, that’s probably another reason the puzzle spread so quickly. Especially on Twitter players share their results.

Beware of paid copies

There are now countless pages that deal with finding solutions easily. If you are after Wordle Word Finder or Wordle Solver, you will find it. Attention: In the meantime, rip-offs have become aware of the hype and are offering paid clones of Wordle in the app stores. “They pretend they are the original wordle and entice with fun”, writes the trade magazine W&V. Expensive rip-off subscriptions were hidden behind the apps.

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