A fourth man indicted in Paris

There would now be four. A man was indicted and imprisoned Thursday in Paris in the investigation into the attack perpetrated on October 16 in Brussels, increasing the number of indictments in France, indicated the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) requested on Saturday by the AFP. The attack in Brussels, using weapons of war, cost the lives of two Swedes who came to support their national football team in Belgium. Another 70-year-old Swede was also injured. The attacker was shot dead the next day by the Belgian police.

The man imprisoned Thursday is suspected of “having helped arm the main perpetrator,” said the Pnat. He was indicted for criminal terrorist conspiracy and complicity in assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

Photos with the weapon used in Brussels

At the end of October, a third man, whose nationality was not specified, was also indicted and imprisoned for the same charges. According to two sources close to the case, this is a suspect who had been arrested in Nantes, then had his police custody lifted. Placed in an administrative detention center, he was finally indicted when new elements could be confirmed, according to one of these sources.

He is suspected of having deliberately helped the attacker in the preparation or commission of the attack, said the second source. Investigators notably found photographs on a phone, taken in Turkey before the attack, where we see him handling a handgun similar to the one found in Brussels, adds this source. He is also suspected of having maintained numerous contacts with the attacker, exchanges which he then deleted from his social networks, and of adhering to radical Islam himself, explains the close source. Investigators note that he supported the publications of the attacker Abdesalem Lassoued, a 45-year-old Tunisian, and that he notably broadcast a video “Shootings in Brussels” on the Snapchat network.

Two other men already indicted in Paris

Before that, on October 24, two other men, Tunisians aged around forty and around fifty, living in the Paris region, were indicted in Paris.

For the forty-year-old, in particular: contacts before and after the attack with Lassoued, of whom “he could not have imagined such an action”, assured his lawyer at the end of October, Me Souleymen Rakrouki. For the fifty-year-old, a jacket found during the search.

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