a former RN candidate admits to having tagged three mosques in the Doubs

Lorraine crosses tagged on three mosques … Last November, these symbols were discovered on three religious buildings in Doubs. In Montlebon, Pontarlier and Besançon.

A man, a former candidate for the National Rally (RN) in the departmental elections, admitted the facts and was placed under judicial supervision before his trial in February, the Besançon public prosecutor said on Thursday.

Frontier worker, the 23-year-old man was brought before the Besançon prosecutor’s office on Wednesday and placed under judicial supervision. He will be tried on February 9 before the Besançon Criminal Court, said Etienne Manteaux. According to him, the man explained to estimate that “the Moslem religion is not compatible with the values ​​of France” and that “the mosques, it is not France”.

“Show that France is a strong country”

The suspect, in whom a copy of Mein Kampf was found but which ensures “not to adhere to the ideas” of Hitler, affirmed to have drawn a cross of Lorraine, historical symbol of the Resistance and Gaullism, “to show that France is a strong country”, according to the prosecutor .

Losing candidate of the RN in the departmental elections in the canton of Cluse-et-Mijoux, he left at the end of 2021 the party he considered “too lax”. He has already been sentenced three times in France and Switzerland, in particular for carrying weapons and domestic violence.

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