A first volunteer patient recruited to seek treatment

It is progressing very slowly, but it is moving forward. More than a year after having identified a promising drug (clofoctol) against Covid-19, the Institut Pasteur de Lille announced this Monday that it had recruited the first patient in its phase 2/3 clinical trial. This phase aims to “measure the effectiveness of clofoctol in the early management of Covid patients and the prevention of hospitalization,” said Pasteur, in a press release.

This drug is an old anti-infective “marketed in Europe and having already had a marketing authorization in France in another indication”, continues Pasteur. In June 2020, the molecule, the active principle of the drug, had been identified, among 4,000 others, as “particularly effective in inhibiting the replication of the virus against Sars-CoV-2 in vitro”.

Delayed clinical trial

This drug remained to be tested experimentally in humans. The clinical trial was delayed at the start of the year to measure side effects that were already known. Since April, it has finally been able to be set up. The test involves taking clofoctol suppositories. It is performed on an outpatient basis by around 40 general practitioners in Hauts-de-France.

People affected by this trial must be over 50, not yet vaccinated, and have at least one symptom of Covid-19. To validate the clinical study, a few hundred volunteer patients must be recruited. The first has just been. Hurry up ?

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