A first user on the squirrel bridge installed above a road in the Hérault

A first squirrel ventured on the écuroduc, installed in Bessan (Hérault), above a secondary road. This rope, installed by the municipality, thanks to Cohab Association, allows small animals to cross the tracks without running the risk of being injured by a car. “Its high diameter, 33 mm, allows fauna to cross easily,” explains the structure, which aims to raise awareness of fauna and flora.

A camera made it possible to immortalize the first comer, on the écuroduc. The squirrel “seems very satisfied with the Bessan welcome and this “highway” allowing this species to no longer be run over on the road, welcomes Stéphane Pépin-Bonet (various right), the mayor of Bessan , on Facebook. Efficient and noiseless ecology. »

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