A feminist collective and former companions of Julien Bayou accused of having sought to “bring him down”

10:48 p.m., September 30, 2022

In its columns on Friday, the newspaper Liberation reveals that the deputy had been under pressure for three years by a group of feminist activists, including three of his former conquests.

The scandal shakes the left, but also questions the management of sexual and gender-based violence committed within political parties. After accusations of psychological violence against one of his former companions, Julien Bayou resigned from his duties as co-chair of the environmental group
to the National Assembly, and national secretary
of Europe Ecology-The Greens. If the party was taken aback, and must get down to its reorganization, the main interested party would not have been surprised by the outbreak of the affair. As early as 2019, Julien Bayou knew he was being watched by a group of women, decided to investigate the behavior of this ” skirt-chaser “, as revealed on Friday Release

. They said they were investigating for “ protect » his companion at the time, the one who would later join the circle of investigators.

We’re investigating to find out if he’s a good guy for her “, will say one of these young women to a relative of the chosen one during an evening. Over the years, they will then contact his ex to obtain more information. ” I was approached by Eugénie (first name modified by Liberation), whom I knew well, I joined her game by confiding in myself (…) I understood that her intention was to bring down Bayou. That’s when I warned her that we were going a little too much in her intimate life “, entrusts one of them to Release.

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A desire to put him “out of harm’s way”?

In April 2019, Julien Bayou sent an email to the said “Eugénie”, now a member of the sexual and gender-based violence (VSS) unit of Europe Écologie-Les Verts. ” This case can’t go on forever. Once several of my exes explained to you that no, I was neither a stalker nor an aggressor, I do not see your objective or the rest of this process “, he wrote to her.

Tensions subsided for a time, but reappeared after the final break between the leader of EELV and his partner, in November 2021. Victoria (first name changed) in turn contacted former relatives of the politician, telling them being her ex and wanting to collect other women’s testimonies ” manipulated ” and “ predated “. At this time, a particular request would have been addressed to his former companion: to put “ Out of state of causing trouble Julien Bayou.

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