A father kidnaps his two children, a call for witnesses launched

The Swiss police launched an appeal for witnesses on Tuesday after the kidnapping of two children by their father, as reported Lemanbleu.tv. “Mr. V. Laurent surrendered on 22.11.2022, around 11 a.m. at the exit of the Belle-Terre school, located in the town of Thônex. He left the scene with his children and has not been heard from since. He could be, as well as his children, in neighboring France, ”says the press release from the Geneva police.

The father, Laurent, is 50 years old. He measures between 1m70 and 1m75, has graying hair in spikes, brown eyes, and a slender build. He is possibly dressed all in black. Julie, her daughter, is 7 years old. She measures me in 1m30 and 1m40, has strawberry blond hair, long and smooth, and brown eyes. She wears a green/turquoise sweater, ocher-colored velvet leggings, cherry-shaped earrings, as well as eyeglasses with gold frames and small flowers on the branches. Milo, the son, is 5 years old. He is nearly 1m15 tall, has short, straight, light brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears jeans and a heather gray sweatshirt.

Anyone who has seen this gentleman and/or his children is asked to contact the Geneva judicial police on + 41 22 427 75 10 or the emergency services 112/117.

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