A fatal fire at the Socopa Viandes company in Celles-sur-Belle

A fire broke out around midnight this Thursday, September 21 in the premises of the company Socopa Viandes in Celles-sur-Belle. Significant emergency resources were deployed on site. 74 firefighters supported by 12 fire engines mobilized to control the disaster and ensure the care of those present. A delicate intervention due to the presence of ammonia. THE The fire was put out early in the morning.

A deceased person

THE death of a person is to be deplored. According to the public prosecutor of Niort, this involvesa man, aged 53. It would be a person who was there for the interview and who is not a direct employee of Socopa, specifies the mayor of the town Sylvie Brunet. “It’s a tragedy. It’s a difficult moment for the family, for colleagues and for us too. The company has stopped completely with uncertainty over the date of resumption”, reacts the chosen one. The slaughterhouse “the first private employer in Celles and even in Mellois”, she specifies.

A judicial investigation under the authority of the Niort Public Prosecutor’s Office has been opened. The Niort research brigade was asked to carry out the investigations. Technical and forensic analyzes have been launched. We do not yet know the causes of the fire.

Fishing and watering of animals in La Belle prohibited

Furthermore, at midday, the Deux-Sèvres prefecture indicated that following the fire and heavy rain, “pet owners are asked not to put them to water in the “La Belle” watercourse in the municipalities of Celles-sur-Belle and Périgné. Also, fishing is prohibited in this same area “. The authorities specify that “these measures will be lifted as soon as necessary”.

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