a farmer imprisoned for the murder of his ex-wife’s companion

A 32-year-old farmer has been indicted on charges of murder and attempted aggravated murder of a spouse and remanded in custody, he told Sunday. 20 minutes the public prosecutor of Bordeaux Frédérique Porterie.

This thirty-something is suspected of having killed Thursday evening in Caumont, a village of 150 inhabitants near Langon (Gironde), the new companion of his ex-wife and seriously injured the latter with a hunting rifle.

“Family context of resentment”

According to the first elements of the investigation revealed on Friday by the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office, the individual went to the new home of his ex-wife Thursday evening, armed with a hunting rifle, and opened fire “to a distance of 0.50 to 1 m ”on the new companion of this one, 30 years old. Also receiving a shock, the woman “suffered serious injuries to her arm and leg.”

The public prosecutor specifies this Sunday at 20 minutes that the young woman “could not yet be heard given her state of health, since she had undergone an amputation of her arm. The magistrate explains that this drama took place in “a family context of resentment”, the alleged killer explaining that his former companion “would have threatened to have him withdraw custody” of their children.

The individual also declared that the shooting which hit the young woman was “accidental”, because his former companion “would have intervened”. “Several elements still have to be verified, and there are still investigations to be carried out, because for the moment we only have his version of the facts” insists the prosecutor.

He had announced “his intention to commit the irreparable” on Facebook

During their ten years of life together, the farmer and his ex-partner had three children aged 4 to 10 years, who are safe and sound and were not present at the time of the facts, according to the prosecution.

The suspect, unknown to the police, had announced “his intention to commit the irreparable” in a message posted on Facebook a few hours earlier, the prosecution said in a statement on Friday. The alleged killer surrendered the same evening to the gendarmerie. Investigators, he explained that he had the project “to end the days of the new friend of his ex-girlfriend, but did not intend to injure the latter”, according to the prosecution.

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