A decisive defense council, the trial of the death of George Floyd and wild party in Lyon

Emmanuel Macron in Créteil on March 29, 2021. – Ludovic Marin / AP / SIPA

Did you miss the early morning news? We have concocted a recap to help you see more clearly.

The executive is once again at the time of making choices in the face of the health crisis. Resuscitation services which have passed the peak of the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, a virus which does not yet slow down its course, a vaccination too slow to change the situation: such is the grim picture that stands then that will be held this Wednesday yet another defense council announced as decisive. Emmanuel Macron will have to decide in particular on the issue of the opening of schools or that of a tightening of confinement.

At the trial of ex-policeman Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, witnesses took the stand. An MMA ex-fighter, a high school student and her 9-year-old cousin, a female firefighter, these passers-by described their “sadness” at the agony of George Floyd which they witnessed helplessly, still haunted today by ” not being able to save him ”. Our correspondent in the United States, Philippe Berry, gives you an account of this day of trial marked by anger and emotion.

The health restrictions in the Rhône will not have slowed down the participants. A wild party, with music and drinks, brought together some 300 people late Tuesday afternoon on the Saône quays in Lyon. Faced with this behavior, the authorities are particularly unhappy. “Irresponsible and unacceptable rally on the docks. Given the proximity of the Saône and the danger that an intervention would have created, the prefect asked the police not to intervene, ”tweeted the prefecture, before announcing a referral to the prosecutor in the context of of article 40 of the Criminal Code.

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