A couple indicted for having made sexual videos with their 7-year-old child

The file is particularly sordid. A man and a woman, both of Ukrainian nationality, were indicted on Friday in Brest for “capturing a pornographic image of a minor” and “incestuous sexual assault”, we learned from the prosecution. Aged 35 and 53 respectively, they were arrested and taken into custody at the city police station on Thursday.

The facts were allegedly committed “to the detriment of a 7-year-old Ukrainian child supposed to be the couple’s child”, indicated the public prosecutor Camille Miansoni. According to the prosecutor, an investigation was opened by the prosecution following the report of a hospital “following the discovery of child pornography photographs representing the minor, by the nursing staff on a telephone. »

The man and the woman remanded in custody

This couple was accused of “acts of capture with a view to its dissemination of a pornographic image of a minor, possession of the image of a minor presenting a pornographic nature” as well as acts of “incestuous sexual assault” and “non-denunciation of ill-treatment inflicted on a minor. »

At the end of their police custody, the man and the woman were referred to the prosecution and placed in pre-trial detention.

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