a complaint filed after the aggression of a Stade Rennais trainer

Despite the Rouge et Noir’s big victory on Sunday afternoon in the derby against Lorient, an incident darkened the weekend at Stade Rennais. Saturday afternoon, at the end of the National 3 meeting between the Rennes reserve and that of Stade Brestois, the director of the training center, Denis Arnaud, was physically and verbally attacked by the father of a player in the center. Piverdière training ground.

On a video published on social networks before being withdrawn later, we see the father of Noah Françoise, defender and captain of the Rennes reserve team, fighting with the trainer near the field. On Sunday, the Breton club condemned “vigorously this unacceptable behavior”. He announced on Monday that a complaint will be filed “given the seriousness of the facts”. All training at his academy is also canceled until Thursday.

“An outbreak of intolerable violence on the ground”

“In the current context where professional and amateur football is the victim of an outbreak of intolerable violence on the pitch, Stade Rennais wishes to recall that its vocation is to train young talents, to support them towards personal development, and provide pleasure and emotions to those who love football,” says the club. “Under no circumstances should educators, managers, players, referees, managers and volunteers suffer from the irresponsible behavior of a minority,” he continues.

According to France Bleu Armorique, the alleged attacker blames the club for the treatment inflicted on his son. Under contract until 2024, the young 18-year-old player has barely integrated Bruno Genesio’s group this season.

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