A case of swine influenza influenza in humans

A man was hospitalized because of a swine influenza flu, announced Friday the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Brittany, which calls for “vigilance of health professionals”. “The National Reference Center (CNR) for respiratory infection viruses at the Institut Pasteur confirmed, on September 3, 2021, a case of human infection with an influenza virus of porcine origin (H1N2) v”, indicated the ‘ARS in a press release, specifying that the patient’s clinical condition was “favorable”.

“At this stage, a link between the infection and the exposure of the individual to live pigs in the week prior to the onset of symptoms cannot be confirmed. No other symptomatic person was detected in the close entourage of the patient ”, specifies the ARS. The agency, however, asked “health professionals in the region to conduct a systematic search for influenza viruses in anyone in contact with pigs” and showing symptoms of acute respiratory infection, such as fever, sore throat, headache or cough.

Around ten cases of human infections around the world

In addition, the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) was mandated to conduct epidemiological investigations in the breeding of pigs supposed to be the source of the contamination, according to the press release which does not give a geographical indication on the breeding. A few cases of influenza virus transmission to humans have already been detected around the world. Thus, since January, around ten cases of human infection by A (H3N2) v, A (H1N1) v and A (H1N2) v viruses of porcine origin have been thus confirmed in the United States, Canada, in Taiwan, Denmark and Germany, according to the same source.

Human cases of infection with porcine influenza viruses are generally mild, although a few severe cases have been reported, and “no sustained human-to-human transmission chain has been reported to date,” according to the ARS.

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