A call for witnesses launched to find the fleeing armed murderer

The gendarmes are busy finding a man who killed two people in a sawmill, near the village of Plantiers, in the south of France. – AFP

The gendarmerie launched a call for witnesses Thursday to try to flush out the heavily armed fugitive who has been hiding in the Cévennes forest for 48 hours, after killing his boss and one of his colleagues in the sawmill where he was employed.

Via this call, launched on the Twitter account of the Hérault gendarmerie and the Facebook account of the Gard gendarmerie, investigators hope to find the trace of Valentin Marcone, 29, this man suspected of the double murder on Tuesday in a sawmill from the small village of Plantiers (Gard), on the slopes of Mont Aigoual, in the heart of the Cévennes park.

He may still be armed

This call for witnesses, accompanied by a photo of a very young-looking man, very short brown hair and thin glasses, describes the fugitive as European type, of average height (1.70 m) and build, wearing green fatigues and camouflage jacket with hood.

“Susceptible to be carrying a handgun (the one with which he would have killed his two colleagues with several bullets in the head Tuesday morning) and a precision rifle, he is considered dangerous”, insists the gendarmerie, by calling any witnesses who might meet him in his flight not to intervene “under any circumstances” themselves but to contact the investigators at “The assumption now is that he could have fled further, beyond the 15 km2 perimeter that we have been searching since the start,” the spokesperson for the gendarmerie in Occitanie told AFP. .

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