A Brestois sentenced to seven years in prison after the death of a student

He may not return to France anytime soon. A 22-year-old man was found guilty of fatal beatings and sentenced by Portuguese courts to seven years in prison, reports West France. The young man, from Brest, was involved in a fight between two groups that occurred in October 2021 in Porto. The Finisterian, who was going with friends to a discotheque, would have violently struck a Portuguese student in the face. He was in his twenties and died a few hours later.

During the trial, it emerged that the Frenchman allegedly attacked the victim as she tried to flee. It also appears that he initially denied being the author of the fatal blows and accused another member of his group.

The Brestois, who had studied at the University of Western Brittany (UBO), will have to carry out his detention in Portugal, indicates West France. He was also ordered to pay 200,000 euros in compensation to the family of the deceased student.

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