A baker throws two cakes with the faces of Macron and Le Pen

He gave it back! After the beans in the shape of a penis in his galettes des rois, the baker from Bourgaltroff, in Moselle, has once again innovated. This time, Julien Bernard-Regnard offers cakes… with the head of Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron!

“Everyone is talking about this presidential election so I thought something had to be done,” laughs the craftsman. “As usual, I wanted to be out of the ordinary. So he had the idea of ​​printing the portraits of the two qualified candidates for the second round and putting them on two cakes.

“I have a food printer, with special ink, which I already used for weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, etc. There, I just took the photos that I reworked a little and that’s it, ”continues the thirty-year-old, who then glued them to foam. “Rounds with a diameter of about 8 cm, with a sponge cake and strawberry or chocolate flavor. »

“Put kicks in the face of Emmanuel Macron”

The product went on sale Thursday in his shop. For immediate success. “I had done 45 of each and it was all gone! “In a town that largely voted for the representative of the National Rally on April 10 (46.79% of the vote), the greedy did not shun the outgoing president (13.46%). “Often people took both. I heard a couple who did not agree but the gentleman said that it would put a spoon in the face of Emmanuel Macron, ”laughs Julien Bernard-Regnard again, who will continue production this weekend. “I even have orders for cakes for 6-8 people. »

After the second round, he should not continue for long to offer his two creations, simply called “La Le Pen” and “Le Macron”. Parliamentary elections ? “It seems too complicated to me, like for the first round of the presidential election where there were too many candidates”, replies the baker, with another idea already in mind. The FIFA World Cup next winter in Qatar. “Why not a blue-white-red log! Then the well-hung galettes des rois will make their comeback…

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