A 8 – Accident after changing lanes – District of Munich

Because she underestimated the speed of an approaching car, a 32-year-old woman from Munich caused a serious accident on the A 8 near Brunnthal on Wednesday evening. According to the police, the woman drove her car in the middle lane towards Munich shortly before 11 p.m. and switched to the left lane to overtake a truck. A 43-year-old from Munich, who was driving behind her in the left lane and, according to the police, was “moving fast”, could only prevent a collision by swerving to the right. He lost control of his vehicle, it skidded, scraped the central barrier and then remained badly damaged across the lane. The driver was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. According to the police, the scene of the accident resembled a field of rubble, which also extended to the oncoming lane in the direction of Salzburg. At least seven other drivers drove over the parts of the accident car that were lying around and damaged their vehicles in the process. According to the police, the total damage amounts to around 100,000 euros. The clean-up work by the fire brigade and the highway maintenance department lasted until 12:15 a.m. and obstructed traffic in both directions. The 32-year-old who caused the accident got away with the shock, there was no damage to her vehicle.

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