A 60-year-old gets lost and drives in the wrong direction on the highway for an hour

This switching error could have had much more serious consequences and gave a lot of motorists cold sweats. Aveyron Press Center recounts the highway epic of a sexagenarian, Friday evening, at the wheel of his Mazda. The man, from the Rodez sector (Aveyron), got lost on the Larzac area, near Millau. He inadvertently took the A75 in the opposite direction around 10 p.m. Undoubtedly as panicked as the occupants of the cars he passed, fortunately few in number at this late hour, the Aveyronnais did not manage to find an escape. He rode for about an hour, before a providential out of gas put an end to his mad dash.

The regional daily specifies that it was “recovered” by the gendarmerie platoon of Saint-Flour, in Cantal, about 130 km after entering the highway. The sexagenarian’s blood alcohol level was negative. Although he did not cause any accident, he could however be prosecuted for “endangering the lives of others”.

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