a 48-year-old man was killed by a police officer “attacked” by “around fifteen individuals”, announces the prosecution

Riots in New Caledonia left a seventh dead. A 48-year-old man was “mortally injured” by the shooting of a police officer, Friday May 24, in Dumbéa, announced the Nouméa prosecutor’s office. “The official allegedly used his service weapon by firing a shot” after having been, with another police officer, “physically attacked by a group of around fifteen individuals”, according to the prosecutor. An investigation was opened for “intentional homicide by a person holding public authority”. Follow our live stream.

Emmanuel Macron has left the archipelago. New Caledonia “is not the Wild West”, “so the Republic must regain authority on all points”defended the head of state in an interview broadcast by New Caledonia The 1st. “In France, not everyone defends themselves,” he added, in reference to the violent riots which have punctuated the territory for ten days and to the groups of militiamen who organize the defense of their neighborhoods.

The president procrastinates. New Caledonia was in uncertainty on Friday, the day after the visit of the president, who promised that the contested electoral reform on the archipelago would not pass “not strong”. The head of state, however, request “the resumption of dialogue with a view to a global agreement” to grant the right to vote to more voters, by the end of June, so that then “this agreement can be submitted to the vote of Caledonians”.

The reopening of the airport further delayed. Nouméa-La Tontouta international airport will remain closed to commercial flights until 9 a.m. Tuesday (midnight Paris time, Monday night to Tuesday), announced the platform manager. This brings the closure of this airport to two weeks. Since Tuesday, however, New Zealand and Australia have started chartering special flights to evacuate hundreds of tourists.

Schools closed until June 17. Schools will remain closed next week on Grande Terre, while uncertainty still remains concerning the establishments of the province of the islands. With the school holidays, school will not resume until June 17.

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