9,000 people have to leave the restricted area – the Ringbahn is interrupted

A World War II bomb exploded in Moabit

9,000 people have to leave houses – the Ringbahn is interrupted

rbb/Helena Daehler

Audio: rbb24 evening show | 09/25/2022 | Philip Hoeppner | Picture: rbb/Helena Daehler

Thousands of people in Berlin-Moabit have to leave their homes on Monday morning because a dud from World War II has to be rendered harmless. The evacuation is still ongoing. The Ringbahn has been interrupted since 11 a.m.

The map shows the location of a World War II bomb in Berlin-Moabit and the approximate area where it was to be blown up.  (Source: OpenStreetMap/rbb|24)
| Picture: OpenStreetMap/rbb|24

Blocking circle with a radius of 500 meters around the site

Hotline for residents – also for people infected with Corona

S-Bahn traffic interrupted since 11 a.m

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