8 in 10 Investors Store Crypto in Hot Wallets: According to CoinGecko Survey

Eight out of 10 crypto investors store their digital assets in hot wallets, according to a CoinGecko survey that observed crypto storage behavior after the FTX meltdown.

Meanwhile, seven in 10 survey respondents said they hold their assets in centralized exchanges, while three in 10 said they use cold wallets, according to the report.explore

The study was held between December 2022 and January and included responses from 421 individual investors — the report did not specify whether participants used multiple storage types.

The popularity of self-custody hot wallets has reflected the sentiment of the community following the fall of FTX. However, the demand rate of wallets linked to centralized exchanges remains very high.

The report estimates that this figure is tied to the current dominance rate of centralized exchanges (CEXs) over decentralized ones.

“Most crypto holders still rely on centralized exchanges. The same goes for buying and selling crypto with a focus on convenience over security.”

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