7 Series BMW as an electric car for the first time: New model brings luxury to four wheels

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7 Series BMW as an electric car for the first time: New model brings full luxury on four wheels

The seventh generation of the seven, the BMW i7


For the first time, BMW is launching the 7 Series as a purely electric car. The Munich-based company has come up with a few ideas for this: a fast charging function, doors that open automatically and a retractable 8K display. The luxury sedan is intended to compete with the Mercedes S-Class.

“Forward-looking possibilities, driving pleasure, unique travel comfort and a digital experience at the highest level” – with the new i7, BMW wants to set an example on the automotive market.

Because the luxury sedan, which had its world premiere on Wednesday, has more innovations than any other BMW model: the doors open and close automatically, a 31.3-inch panorama display with 8K resolution moves out of the panorama roof on request and should “transform the second row of seats into an exclusive private cinema on wheels”, for example, heaters are installed in the center console and the door panels. “The new BMW 7 Series was designed from the ground up for particularly demanding target groups in a globalized automobile market,” announces BMW.

BMW i7: displays, high-speed internet, range of over 600 kilometers

The BMW Operating System 8 operating system as well as the curved display in the cockpit and the maneuvering assistant for automated parking and maneuvering should characterize the i7. In addition, the 7 Series, which is fully electric for the first time, has an “innovative BMW Interaction Bar”, which has interior lighting and control functions, among other things.

For the first time, drivers and passengers can use video-on-demand streaming on the display with YouTube. In addition, BMW promises high-speed Internet thanks to the vehicle’s own 5G-capable antenna system. Further technology can be found in the vehicle doors: 5.5-inch touch displays are integrated here.

Technically, the 544 hp i7 should convince with two electric motors and a range of up to 625 kilometers according to WLTP. For this purpose, it is equipped with a high-voltage battery with a capacity of 101.7 kWh. BMW specifies the consumption as 19.6 – 18.4 kWh per 100 kilometers. Direct current should be able to be charged at a speed of up to 195 kW, with the luxury sedan being able to charge electricity for a range of up to 170 kilometers in ten minutes, according to the manufacturer.

Unlike its predecessors, the i7 is only available in a body variant with a long wheelbase of 3.22 meters. This brings the vehicle to a length of almost 5.40 meters and a width of 1.95 meters. The i7 should eventually end the dominant position of the Mercedes S-Class and give BMW sales a boost.

Market launch in Europe initially as an electric car

Like the previous models, the seventh generation of the seven will be produced at the BMW plant in Dingolfing. According to the Munich company, they use green electricity and a high proportion of natural and recycled materials.

The market launch of the i7 is scheduled for November 2022. Thanks to a “high-performance computing platform”, the sedan will have the potential for autonomous driving up to level 3. In terms of price, it starts at just under 136,000 euros.

In Europe, the luxury vehicle will initially only be available as a fully electric version. In other markets, including the USA and China, two models each with a combustion engine and hybrid technology will also be available. A model with a diesel engine and a hybrid engine will then also be launched in Europe.

In 2023, BMW wants to launch further model variants such as the future top model of the M Sport version with more than 600 hp. It should be the most powerful model ever approved for the road from Munich. In the course of the coming year, an armored version is also to be released, which is intended to protect state representatives and government employees, for example.

Source: BMW

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