7 decorative objects to enhance your interior

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Rattan mirror

Rattan mirror
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Very trendy, rattan mirrors have made a comeback in interior decoration and we never get tired of them. And it is not a hazard ! Indeed, mirrors are practical not only to control its appearance, but also to dress the walls or give them a certain luminosity.

To be fixed alone or associated with others, this flower shaped mirror will reflect the light in the room in which it will be installed and will give it another dimension.

Whether in an interior furnished and decorated in a bohemian, rustic, scandinavian styleamong other things, due to its light and natural color, it will easily blend in with the rest of the decoration to which it will add a touch of freshness.

Golden wired collage

At a time useful and decorative, this wired collage in gilded metal will also find its place, whether in your interior or that of the person to whom you will offer it. It can easily be installed near a secretary to attach reminders in addition to your favorite photos, but also in the entrance, in the kitchen, in a bedroom, in the toilet or in the hallway.

Its golden color, its airy side and its sobriety will undoubtedly bring a touch of elegance to the room that will receive it.

Its beautiful color has another advantage: the light will be reflected in it. You are thus certain that your decoration will not go unnoticed. With the clips provided, you can attach cards, photos, drawings, reminders and easily change them according to your desires.

Bottle-shaped ceramic vase

Because we always need a vase at home, you can offer this ceramic vase in the shape of a bottle and to the minimalist design. With its pastel blue color, it will bring softness to the room.

Very practical, it allows many possibilities. You can simply choose to put a bouquet of fresh flowers according to your desires, but it is also possible to opt for a bouquet of dried flowers which you will enjoy longer or simply leave it empty. The possibilities are endless.

Why not customize it replacing the flowers with feathers, driftwood or whatever, depending on your preferences? It will then become an original decorative element.

Glass tray and tealight holders

When, in autumn, the days are short, nothing like a few candles to better overcome this lack of natural light and create a warm decoration.

With this wooden tray that accommodates 5 tealight holders, you can move and install your candles wherever you want, whether in the center of the table to impress your guests and create a friendly atmosphere, on a window sill or on a piece of furniture. as you wish, even if the candles are lit.

We particularly like the 5 candle holders which, their size, shape and color, are all different. They are ready to accommodate small tealight candles for a unique and original decoration.

Wooden tealight candle holder

In another style, this pine wood candle holder will bring a warm note to your interior. Bet on this natural decorative object for a Scandinavian or rustic decoration, for example.

Alone or associated with others, this candle holder will easily find its place on a piece of furniture or on a fireplace for example. You can choose between two sizes. But why choose? The two associates form a very beautiful ensemble. Very elegant with its clean lines, it is easy to marry and this, whatever the colors of your interior. Simple, but effective, such is the credo of this decorative element.

Globe of dried flowers

Dried flowers are all the rage right now. And for good reason, they allow bring nature indoors and this, without having to take care of it. Dried flowers also have the advantage of being durable and bring a poetic note to your decoration.

Under this globe, an alliance of wood and glass, they will also be protected from dust and will be able to remain beautiful longer. They thus have a magical side that we adore.

Jewelry box

Practical and timelessthe jewelry box not only allows you to store your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in one place, but also to protect them.

Open, it reveals a small mirror and various practical storage spaces in a linen-covered interior. Once closed, the blue of its lid associated with its beige color and its wooden ring, as well as the combination of wood and fabric, make it a very aesthetic decorative object in its own right.

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