48 men, including several elected officials, arrested in France

They are suspected of having downloaded and viewed mass child pornography images and videos. 48 men, including local elected officials, were arrested throughout France, mostly on Tuesday and Wednesday learned franceinfo
from a police source. Two were arrested in Puy-de-Dôme, reported France Blue Country of Auvergne
from Tuesday. They are a man in his sixties and another in his forties.

File downloads

These men, in custody in the premises of the judicial police, are suspected of having consulted content sometimes “particularly violent”, specifies franceinfo. The youngest is 26, the oldest is 79, most of them are in their forties. All social categories are concerned: elected officials, workers, executives, but also retirees.

For the time being, these men are suspected of consuming “illegal content of minors” but the police custody, carried out under the authority of several prosecutors, will have to determine if they were able to take action _, _ to have committed sexual assaults or rapes.

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