3rd and 4th run at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing NOW in the live ticker

Bobsleigh dominator Francesco Friedrich (Oberbärenburg) is reaching for his third Olympic gold in a two-man race – and could lead a historic German triple success. Thanks to a track record (58.99 seconds), the flag bearer extended his lead in the third of four runs to 0.48 seconds in front of his teammate and Vice World Champion Johannes Lochner (Stuttgart).

Two-man bob – 4th heat

1Brad Hall3:59.92
2Frank Delduca+0.18
3Sun Kaizhi+0.37

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Men’s two-man bobsleigh: 3rd and 4th run at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing NOW in the live ticker

Frank Delduca (USA): Delduca’s pad is gone quickly. Finally, 0.18 seconds are missing on Hall.

Brad Hall (UK): Despite his fall in the third run, the Brit made it to the final. He starts well, shortly before the finish he has problems again at the scene of the accident, can still control his sled and set the new best time.

Sun Kaizhi (CHN): The start of the Chinese is expandable. In the end, Kaizhi saves a hundredth for the lead.

Dominik Dvorak (CZE): Dvorak goes onto the track. The Czech crosses the finish line with a lead of 0.46 seconds.

Yunjong Won (KOR): Right at the beginning, the sled hits the rails, the Koreans stood across. Too much time was wasted as a result. Won does damage control, but it’s no longer of any use.

Emils Cipulis (LAT): The Latvian has only four hundredths left. Not enough to overtake Tentea – second place.

Mihai Cristian Tentea (ROU): Three tenths is the cushion of the Romanian. It first becomes smaller, then larger again. Tentea takes the lead.

Simon Friedli (SUI): After the 3rd run, Friedli and Austin were level. In the 4th run, however, the Swiss is the faster. Two tenths are between him and the Canadians.

Taylor Austin (CAN): The Canadian starts in heat 4, touches the top of the rail and finishes in 4:01.36 (the four heats added together).

Men’s two-man bobsleigh: 3rd and 4th run at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing NOW in the live ticker – start of the 4th run

Welcome back! The break wasn’t long, we’ll continue in ten minutes. Then the 20 fastest pilots from the 3rd run contest the 4th run. The athletes start in descending order. The run thus opens the 20th of the 3rd run. The German trio is therefore only at the very end.

Conclusion: The 30 pilots have reached their destination. Before the 4th and final run only Germans are on the podium. Francesco Friedrich leads in front of Johannes Lochner and Christoph Hafer. So a triple win is possible. At 2.50 p.m. we continue.

Two-man bob – Standing after the 3rd run

1Francesco Friedrich2:57.37
2John Lochner+0.48
3Christopher Hafer+1.51

Shanwayne Stephens: Speaking of the exotic: Shanwayne Stephens is representing Jamaica. He too will no longer participate in the 4th race.

Edson Lucas Bindilatti: With the Brazilian Edson Luques Bindilatti, another exotic is in action today. 6.44 seconds are missing on Friedrich.

Hunter Church (US): Church surpasses only Axel Brown and is 27th.

Axel Brown (TTO): The man from Trinidad and Tobago finishes last.

Maxim Andrianov: Five pilots are still up. One of them is Andrianov, who is 4.17 seconds back in 25th place.

Markus Treichl: At the start, Treichl is faster than six other pilots. The clock shows 4.23 seconds behind at the finish. Even the Austrian no longer has a chance of making the top 20.

Ivo de Bruin (NED): Several contacts in the first section, de Bruin also has serious problems at the finish. It’s not enough to make it into the top 20 pilots.

Youngjin Suk (KOR): In the first corner, Suk is very far out. In the lower part he then has to correct after touching the barrier. He stays 23.

Chunjian Li (CHN): Can Li use his home field advantage? No, he can’t. The leader is 3.73 seconds behind – no improvement.

Patrick Baumgartner (ITA): Baumgartner is the slowest pilot so far at the start. The gang is touched a few times, affecting the time. We won’t see the Italian again in the 4th race.

Taylor Austin (CAN): The Canadian starts very slowly and remains unclean the rest of the way. He shares 19th place with Friedli.

Simon Friedli (SUI): With Friedli, the second Swiss is now on the road. Below, his sled wobbles a little as he touches the gang. It says 19th place at the end.

Mihai Cristian tentea (ROU): Now it’s all about the pilots who are fighting for qualification for the 4th run. Tentea finishes 3.11 seconds behind.

Emils Cipulis (LAT): Cipulis is ninth fastest at the start. He can’t take the momentum with him. He can’t make up a place either.

Yunjong Won (KOR): The first half of the 3rd run is over, Won opens the second. He doesn’t have a good trip. He can’t improve.

Frank Delduca (USA): It’s almost two seconds in the first split, in the end it’s 2.58. The American made up several places at the same time.

Sun Kaizhi (CHN): What can the local hero do? A solid start at least, but the rest of the ride is messy. After all, Dvorak is overtaken.

Romain Heinrich (FRA): Heinrich is the next pilot. The Frenchman can make up two places. His gap to Friedrich is two and a half seconds.

Dominik Dvorak (CZE): After a short break due to the crash, here we go again with Dvorak. A weak start at the beginning of the run, a few bumps later, the Czech finishes and even ends up behind the fallen Briton.

Brad Hall (UK): The Brit is exactly 2 seconds behind, but then falls. The two fell over with the sled on the track, but fortunately they stand up again immediately. A valid time was recorded, but they can no longer become dangerous.

Justin Kripps (CAN): It’s the turn of the 2018 Olympic champion. Kripps can’t repeat his performance from four years ago, but at least he manages to get past Kibermanis.

Oskars Kibermanis (LAT): After touching the gang, the sled stands a little sideways. The Latvian crosses the finish line in ninth place.

Christopher Spring (CAN): Spring is 1.41 seconds behind after the second split, at the end this grows to 1.96 seconds. Gaitiukevich can take a deep breath because the Canadian stays behind him.

Rudy Rinaldi (MON): A tenth is lost at the start. 1.72 it is at the end. Gaitiukevich also has to let the Monegasque past.

Michael Vogt (SUI): The Swiss can keep the gap small and also overtake the Russian, but he can also leave Benjamin Maier behind.

Benjamin Maier (AUT): Can Austrian oats become dangerous? Strong he masters the curves. He also manages to pass Gaitiukevich, albeit very narrowly – 1.74 behind Friedrich.

Christoph Hafer (GER): Let’s continue with the next German. He starts slowly but is able to close the gap and crosses for a bit. However, he is past the Russian – third place.

Rostislav Gaitiukevich (ROC): The Russian briefly touches the gang before the end, which costs time. In the end it’s a gap of 1.75 seconds.

Johannes Lochner (GER): Then Friedrich’s biggest competitor, Johannes Lochner, entered the ice track. 0.26 seconds says the first split time. The deficit is growing, is a cautious run. In the end, however, he stands sideways for a moment, which annoys him greatly.

Francesco Friedrich (GER): The top favorite for gold has just opened the 3rd run with his brakeman Thorsten Margis. Small touch at the beginning but overall it’s a strong run. It’s enough for the track record.

Men’s two-man bobsleigh: 3rd and 4th run at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing NOW in the live ticker – start

Before start: The fastest 20 pilots of the 3rd run can compete in the 4th and last run and fight for the medals.

Before start: Christoph Hafer, who is fourth at half-time, is also fighting for a medal.

Before start: Francesco Friedrich is about to win his third gold medal at the Winter Olympics. The eleven-time world champion is the leader in the two final races of the two-man decision. Johannes Lochner from Stuttgart is on course for silver.

Before start: On today’s competition day of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the 3rd run begins at 1.15 p.m. and the 4th run at 2.50 p.m.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the 3rd and 4th run in the two-man bobsleigh.

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