21-year-old YouTuber reports on terrible backstage experiences at a concert

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From: Ulrike Hagen

The allegations against Rammstein’s Till Lindemann don’t stop. Now a clip by YouTuber Kayla Shyx is going viral. She talks about “bad things” that she and other girls want to have experienced.

Frankfurt – They weigh tons, the allegations against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. And more and more sources are speaking up, reporting alleged abuse and sexualised violence in the context of Rammstein concerts.

On Monday evening (June 5), influencer Kayla Shyx posted a 37-minute video that has since climbed to number one on YouTube trends. In it she reports on “bad things” that happened to her and other women and girls before, during and after Rammstein concerts.

German YouTuber Kayla Shyx reports on shocking backstage experiences at the Rammstein concert. (montage) © Imago/Rammstein (montage)

German YouTuber reports on shocking backstage experiences at the Rammstein concert

Your reports are in line with this serious allegations against Rammstein singer Lindemann, which are now even the family minister turned on. On June 4, 2022, according to the influencer, she attended a Rammstein concert with an 18-year-old friend: “I was approached there during the break by a Russian woman named Alena Makeeva, whether I wanted to come to the after party,” so Shyx in the clip. “What happened next was very scary. A lot is coming out right now that I was very afraid of when I was in the situation. Other girls have had it a lot worse than I have. But I want to use my reach to report on it.”

Rammstein: Influencer unpacks allegations – “Hundreds of girls affected”

Kayla Shyx reports that she only now dares to break her silence and tells how she narrowly escaped the “very dangerous situation” at the Rammstein concert in 2022. She had already made a clip about her oppressive experience at the time, but “I was told by my old management to delete the story.”

I will tell you what happened to me and what a sick, systematic sex offender mafia is behind Rammstein/Till Lindemann. This shit has to stop. Hundreds of girls are affected.

Another fan, Shelby Lynn, got the ball rolling when she reported on Twitter about her experience at a Rammstein concert. She describes how she only drank a little alcohol at an exclusive party for the show, but at a certain point had no memories and woke up the next morning with bruises on her hip.

Rammstein scandal: YouTuber confirms the allegations

Like Lynn, Shyx, 21, now reports being “recruited” to attend an “afterparty.” She talks at length about many other women she’s spoken to who are said to have had similar experiences – and warns against attending Rammstein concerts and the associated “after parties”. The question whether go there or boycott, more and more Rammstein fans are asking anyway.

Shyx describes how she and her then 18-year-old friend were invited to the after-show party by Alena Makeeva: “She was extremely nice and familiar. I didn’t think anything bad about it.” Then Makeeva and several security men escorted them past the actual after-show party with the prominent guests and into a small room with sofas, refrigerators and alcohol. She reports: “In front of the room, the security men checked that each of us placed our mobile phones on a table. At that moment I realized that I should turn around. But security was staring at me, Makeeva talking soothingly like a mum. I was under terrible pressure.”

Influencer reports shocked about the Rammstein after show: “I realized: I’m here as a sex object”

The 21-year-old says about ten girls sat silently side by side on the two sofas while Makeeva urged them to drink alcohol. Some of them would have looked dazed and scared. In the toilet, Shyx learned from another “chosen one” that she had been pre-selected by women who were supposed to have sex with Lindemann. She thought: “I have to get out of here immediately before another f***ing 60-year-old Till Lindemann walks in here. I’m here right now as a potential f***. The only reason I was brought here was because he might feel like f***ing me.”

This realization was so shocking and she was also afraid for her friend, which is why she left the room and the party: “I realized: I’m here as a sex object.”

Rammstein denies abuse allegations and fires “Casting Director” Makeeva

The band denied the serious allegations, including that female fans were drugged and abused. Under the hashtag #JusticeForTillLindemann, fans were asked not to judge. A lawyer emphasized that there was a lack of “facts of evidence”. The presumption of innocence still applies.

The band has since separated from the “Casting Director” Alena Makeeva, who is said to have recruited young women for Till Lindemann, reports the Mirror. The employee will therefore no longer have access to concerts with immediate effect.

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