2022 Digital Asset Fund Total inflows totaled $433 million, lowest since 2018.

digital asset fund There were $433 million in total inflows in 2022, the lowest level since 2018, according to investment firm CoinShares.

CoinShares researcher James Butterfill said in a report: “In a year of 63% drop in bitcoin prices, this is clearly a bear market and the FED has pushed too hard. It is heartening that investors overall still choose to invest in crypto assets.”

2022 also sees the emergence of short-term investment products. It has inflows of $108 million and represents only 1.1% of the total Bitcoin under management. “It’s still a niche asset,” the researchers said.

While Canada and Sweden had the largest outflow last year. totaling $436 million and $446 million, respectively.

The report also noted that mid-year outflows in 2018 were higher than in 2022, with total weekly outflows reaching 1.8% of total assets under management. compared to 2022 outflow hit weekly peak of just 0.7%

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