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Ramadan decoration: tips

The month of Ramadan is a period during which it is common to receive a lot of people at home and… to cook a lot! While it is important to look after the decoration, it is just as important to think practical. It is, among other things, to be able to move around comfortably, and to keep a clean house. As with all holidays, we take the time to think it over before going for pretty decorations.

If some decorations are possible in the kitchen, it is therefore better to select small and not cumbersome pieces.

Green And Gold
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If you don’t have a lot of space, simply bet on a console, covered with a pretty piece of fabric.

Stool And End Of Sofa
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In a very small space, opt for the D system, by diverting a stool or a end of the sofa, to deposit your decoration.

A Corner Dedicated To Children
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If you have a large living room, consider setting up a corner specially dedicated to children. The tipi is a safe bet to occupy the children, and this is the opportunity to make a stunning decoration!

Before shopping for your decorations, the ideal is to think about a harmony of colors.

White And Gold Pinterest
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If you want to have decorations that you will never tire of and use every year, adopt the white and gold or silver duo. This harmony is simple, but quite sublime. And all it takes is a few details, for example dried flowers, to add your personal touch to the decor!

What are the essentials to shop?

To sublimate the house during Ramadan, certain decorations are simply essential!

Wooden Calendar
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The Ramadan calendar is an essential to decorate the house! If you can not find a model that matches the colors you have chosen for your decor, consider the models to customize. The calendar kit is not only easy to personalize: it is also a great opportunity to involve children … and keep them occupied!

Hanging Decorations
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Hanging decorations are also part of the “must have” to shop for decorating the house. While the small models are perfect for decorating a bright plant or tree, the large models make the most of when they are suspended from the ceiling, especially if their color contrasts sharply with that of the walls. They are also perfect for decorating shelves.

Contemporary Lanterns
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Lanterns are one of the decorative essentials for Ramadan. To achieve a more contemporary decoration, why not dare the minimalist model?

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The garland is available in a very wide range of styles and colors. It is also possible to find very pretty templates online, to make your own garland, or models to print and color, easy to make with children.

A decoration to make yourself

The easiest way to make a truly original decoration is to make it yourself. And rest assured: it is not essential to be a DIY pro to succeed in pretty creations!

A Composition Of Artificial Flowers
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A piece of felt, a pair of scissors, a glue gun and some artificial flowers, and here is a really unique decoration!

Diy Frame Etsy
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Frames make great decorations, and they are also perfect gifts to give to loved ones. For your creations, do not be afraid to show imagination, by using classic materials, such as paint or pearls, or by daring to recycle!

A Prayer Corner At Home
© Pinterest Sannia Mian

A prayer corner at home: and why not? DIY pros can get started with a wooden creation, and paint it.

A Prayer Corner Made In Cardboard
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For an equally convincing result, but easier and faster to build, simply bet on cardboard: a pencil, a cutter, a little folding, and voila! And if drawing is not really your strong point, head to the web: you will find several models to print, in order to have a nice template.

Trendy and original decoration

Do you love to stick to trends? Adopt a decoration in harmony with the style of your interior!

© Phases Of The Moon Boutiks

A few candles, a pretty batik adorned with the phases of the moon: this simple and very contemporary decoration seduces with its sobriety.

Boho Inspiration Decoration
© Moderneid

Minimalist, this boho decoration is full of freshness!

A Cocooning Decoration
© Eidparty

Between natural colors and soft colors, here is a bright and very cocooning decoration, perfect for receiving loved ones in an intimate and warm setting!

A Well Organized Space
© Pinterest The Pmp Mom

A few lanterns and pretty light garlands: nothing more is needed to achieve a decoration between tradition and modernity.

Jute And Rosegold
© Eidparty

Associating a delicate and very current rose gold with jute, one of the most trendy materials of the moment, this decoration is really good!

Hanging Calendar
© Etsy Designbysanna

For a decor full of gaiety, we dare the vitamin colors and pompoms.

Wall Of Frames
© Days Of Eid

Have you adopted the wall of frames at home? During Ramadan, make some changes, adding special decorations. Think about mixing genres, for example by combining textile decoration and posters.

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