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A beige living room that takes on color

Beige is an alternative to white, especially in the living room, where it gently warms the atmosphere. Easy to associate with most colors, it is also readily associated with other shades, which sometimes give it luminosity, sometimes relief.

Minimalist Beige Living Room
© Hk Living

White is ideal for enhancing beautiful volumes and a stunning ceiling height. But for a very cocooning spirit, we bet on a beige living room. And as the old saying goes: “less is more”! With this curvaceous XL sofa, there is no need to multiply accessories and furniture pieces to create a deliciously cocooning space.

Beige And Black Living Room
© Am Pm

Black ? A safe bet to give a very chic graphic allure to a beige living room. All you need to do is collect a collection of cushions with a refined pattern and dress the window with a plain curtain, and voila!

Beige And Warm Brown
© & tradition

Sober and so chic, the beige living room highlighted with a touch of brown. Here, we opted for a frame and a light. Simple and efficient.

  Beige Et Tie And Dye
© Ikea

Walls dressed in a pink applied Tie & Dye style, and a beige living room is adorned with a little boudoir air… while remaining resolutely sophisticated and contemporary! Irresistible. However, we avoid shades of powdery pink or too soft, which could turn out to be a little bland, and we instead focus on a slightly orange shade, more dynamic.

Beige And Blue Camaieu
© Ikea

A few pieces of white furniture cleverly bring a touch of light in this beige living room relatively poor in natural light. A few touches of blue create a soothing atmosphere. A real work of artist!

Bright White And Blue
© Zara Home

In this beige, white and blue living room are back in the game. Nestled under an immaculate ceiling, dotted with striped cushions and furnished with charming wooden furniture, the room is bathed in a summer atmosphere: a spirit half-slow life, half vacation home ideal for relaxing!

A beige living room that plays with materials

Sober, discreet, elegant … beige is the perfect color to enhance materials. We therefore hasten to play with it, to create a living room that is both stylish and terribly cozy.

Beige living room in wool and cocooning taupe color
© H & m Home

Armchair and sofa all round and dressed in wool are a real invitation to chill! We love the taupe color applied to the wall, creating an even more cozy enveloping effect!

Dark Essence Beige Living Room
© Ferm Living

The beige living room is ideal for sublimating a parquet made in a dark wood species … or is it the opposite?

Salon Beige Essence Claire
© H & m Home

Fancy a soft contemporary beige living room? Bet on whitewashed parquet, and on the furniture side, opt for very light woods. For an additional cocooning touch, textiles are used and abused, including lighting.

Salon Beige Essence Red
© Alinea

A Berber-inspired carpet, an essence of golden wood: this is more than enough for your beige living room to display a very chic ethnic spirit.

Beige And Rattan Living Room
© Am Pm

Do you like the retro feel of rattan? It will fit perfectly into your beige living room. To succeed, however, we take care not to overdo it. Here, we bet on an armchair that revisits the famous egg chair, and which is nicely highlighted.

Beige And Concrete Living Room
© & tradition

Soft to the eye, beige wonderfully tempers mineral materials. For a very trendy interior, we therefore dare the beige living room in a concrete setting. And we give pride of place to inflating cushions and cozy materials.

A beige living room with an impeccable design

If you fall for pieces with a worked – even daring – design, the beige living room is the ideal choice to highlight them.

Salon Beige Suspension
© Am Pm

In this beige living room with a beautiful sobriety, the pendant lamp turns into a work of art. And to put it even more in value, it is lowered very low, above the table. No doubt, it is a real eye-catcher.

A beige design lounge
© Ferm Living

The only colorful piece, the armchair makes the show in this modern beige living room which skilfully mixes organic design and Scandinavian style.

Beige and black marble living room
© Ferm Living

Trend, the end table in black marble! And it is undoubtedly in a beige living room that it fully reveals its full potential.

Beige And Celadon Green
© H & m Home

Between antique reproductions and designer vases, it reigns like an “art gallery” spirit in this beige living room, awakened by a delicate touch of celadon green.

From Beige To The Wall
© Am Pm

Dress the walls while maintaining a Zen and elegant atmosphere? Nothing could be simpler: just choose the tone on tone. When wall and decoration come together, the beige living room is more stunning than ever.

Volumes And Materials
© Am Pm

Wireframe design and transparency: this beige living room relies on an extremely refined design. There are still big cushions on which it is tempting to curl up and a very thick carpet which deliciously warms the atmosphere.

Ethnic Graphic Beige Living Room
© Oyoy

This beige living room brilliantly revisits the bohemian spirit. And in this case imbued with sobriety, a simple graphic motif suddenly takes on an unexpected relief! A little seventies air floats on this very successful decoration.

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