185,000 registered in the competitions, a “little better”, according to Pap Ndiaye

Pap Ndiaye hailed a “little better” compared to last year. The number of candidates for teacher competitions, whose registrations closed on December 2, reached 185,000, the Minister of National Education announced on Friday.

The registrants are “185,000, it’s +9% in the first degree, +4% in the second degree, so there is an improvement compared to last year, for sure, which was a very difficult year. “said the minister on France Info. But this “little better” is “not enough to reverse the trend”, according to him. Especially since “then there are the tests, and you have to look at who shows up and who is admitted”, he added.

Extension of registrations

In public service competitions, “there are people who register and who do not show up, so we will have to take stock regularly from the spring”, continued Pap Ndiaye, who judged that “the conditions terms of the coming school year will not be fundamentally different from the previous school year”.

Faced with the lack of candidates, the ministry had extended enrollment in the first and second degrees (primary and secondary education) by two weeks. At the end of the competitions last July, more than 4,000 positions were not filled, leading the Ministry of Education to resort to an increased number of contract workers, less trained than the holders.

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