18 decorative ideas for your interior

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What colors for a contemporary style house?

The contemporary interior is above all airy and bright. White therefore seems to be establishing itself as the essential color. However, this is far from being your only option!

Color Ecru
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Very trendy, the ecru color is a perfect alternative to white. Almost as bright as him, it takes on a warm and sunny touch, perfect for warming up a contemporary interior.

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The muted colors – from pearl gray to taupe – exude a soft and cozy atmosphere. However, these neutrals remain sufficiently clear to maintain a pleasant light.

Black and white
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To bring a touch of daring to your contemporary interior, bet on dark colors, daring black or charcoal gray. Betting on a graphic association with white or ecru is not only sublime: it is also an effective trick to give depth to the room.

The contemporary house makes an impact

The contemporary house is sometimes considered very smooth, and a bit impersonal. To avoid this pitfall, give it – literally – some relief!

An Interior That Has Relief
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In this black and white living room, we adopted a vinyl wallpaper on 3D non-woven, and it’s amazing!

Decale Textures Games
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Waxed concrete is one of the most trendy coatings in contemporary decor. Otherwise, you can adopt an effect paint, less expensive and easier to apply. We love the association with a tiled base, common in the water features, but more unexpected in the living rooms.

Contemporary interiors have style

Pleasantly refined, the decoration of the contemporary house is far from lacking in imagination. To create a decor that marks the spirits, the trick is to choose a strong piece – furniture, lighting or decorative element – that will hold the spotlight.

A Graphic Pattern Painted On The Wall
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The new trend in wall decoration is the graphic pattern painted on the wall. This simple and easy-to-make decoration has a maximum effect, and it works particularly well in a contemporary decor.

A Canvas To Give Colors
© Westwing

To give color to a contemporary house, we bet on a sure value: a beautiful painting hanging on the wall. To achieve your effect, beware of visual overload! Prefer a single frame, unless you have a generous section of wall, allowing a duet or a triptych.

Colorful Design Chairs
© Kartell

Opposite the desk, around the dining room table, on the terrace: chairs are definitely everywhere. If white or black furniture is common in contemporary homes, nothing prevents you from going off the beaten track by daring to color!

Dragonfly light
© Forestier

Small living room or small dining room? Fall for wired furniture, which combines contemporary design and lightness!

Transparent Furniture
© Westwing

In this contemporary house, we have bet on the transparency of the furniture, which is completely forgotten in favor of a decoration with a strong character.

A Mineral Touch
© Un’common

Marble is not only one of the most trendy materials of the moment: it is also the material dreamed of to bring a very chic touch to the decor of a contemporary home. In the kitchen or on the coffee table, it is a real eye-catcher.

Storage comes into play

Airy, the contemporary style is ideal for highlighting the volumes. To avoid cluttering up the space, it is therefore wise to have as much storage space as possible.

Integrated Closets
© Leroy Merlin

Built-in cupboards and walk-in closets are particularly well found, as they benefit from a good volume. And far from always being discreet, they can take the stage to become real decoration allies!

A modular and suspended storage solution
© Leroy Merlin

No room for built-in storage? Never mind: bet on a large tonal storage, which will blend into the wall. In a small space, choose suspended furniture, more airy.

A contemporary house with a cocoon spirit

We often hear that contemporary style is cold. A preconceived idea? Yes and no ! To enjoy a cocoon atmosphere at home, it is important to play with materials and materials.

Xxl Curtains
© Jotex

In this contemporary interior, we dared to use white as a total look… or almost! The gray curtains and the parquet are responsible for making the atmosphere soft and warm.

A Graphic Pattern Rug
© Leroy Merlin

From the bedroom to the living room, the carpet is your essential ally to make a contemporary home more cocooning. Here, we opted for a model adorned with a graphic pattern, the colors of which are discreetly reminiscent of those of the walls.

Furniture In Color
© Cinna

In this warm contemporary living room, a sofa and armchair in color make the show, while the other elements display a minimalist design. Fabric, thick rugs, warm colors and wood: no doubt, the contemporary house knows how to be resolutely cocooning!

Wool And Wood
© Ph Collection

Wool and wood: here is the perfect tandem to transform a contemporary house into a real cozy nest! For a modern and very contemporary aesthetic, choose boiled wool, one of the trends of the season.

A Collection Of Cushions
© Westwing

The final touch in the contemporary living room is a string of pretty cushions. Graphic or colored version: a touch of fantasy is allowed.

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