18 boho ideas and inspirations

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Bohemian wall decoration: what if we dared to use wallpaper?

The bohemian style is defined above all by its softness and luminosity. Also, we gladly favor bright neutrals, and more specifically white and ecru. However, this very wise type of palette is just waiting to be awakened by a note of color. To create an original bohemian wall decoration, we therefore think of wallpaper, which can be self-sufficient or offer a delicate setting to stage your wall decorations.

A Watercolor Plant Wallpaper
© MuralConcept

Nature holds an important place in the boho interior. If you don’t really have a green thumb, forget the plants and go for a panoramic wallpaper with a plant print. In order to preserve freshness and luminosity, the ideal is to favor a watercolor pattern.

A Wallpaper In Powdery Colors
© Pinterest The Lovely Drawer

A fan of warm colors? Let yourself be charmed by a stylized or non-figurative pattern, in shades of coppery brown, terracotta and powder pink. This type of wall decoration is ideal for enhancing rattan furniture.

Bohemian wall decoration: the essentials

The bohemian style is iconic wall decorations. Among them: the macrame wall hanging or the rattan mirror. And these classics are constantly being reinvented!

Mini Colorful Wall Hanging
© Boho Home

We love the mini macrame wall hanging, especially when it comes in colorful versions. Alone or as a duo, here is an adorable wall decoration for a boho child’s room. And she also knows how to bring a touch of cheerfulness in the entrance or in the living room.

Jute Wall Weave
© La Redoute Interiors

Traditionally made of cotton, the macrame wall hanging takes on a particular relief when it is made of jute.

Macrame Shelf
© Sklum

We can’t stop falling for the macrame hanging shelf, which holds plants and small objects. This basic works perfectly on a monochromatic wall. You can also stage it by painting a trendy pattern on the wall – arch or circle.

A Jute Rug On The Wall As A Headboard
© Azul Bereber

The jute rug is one of the basics of the bohemian interior. And if it is hot when it is on the ground, it is happy to be used as a wall decoration, especially in the bedroom, where it serves as a headboard.

Decoration Spirit Juju Hat
© Lldeco

Irresistible, the juju hats! These wall decorations which bring a touch of lightness and refinement to the bohemian living room also make us crack in the bedroom. The trick for them to have their full effect is to combine them or integrate them into a wall composition.

Buffalo Head
© La Redoute Interiors

To bring a touch of character to your bohemian interior, bet on the hacienda or nomadic spirit. The essential wall decoration is then the head of a buffalo, of course!

Valuable Craft Pieces
© Am Pm

Textiles and jewelry: handcrafted pieces make very beautiful wall decorations in a boho decor. In order to sublimate them, consider framing them!

Maracrame Mirror
© Sklum

Synthesis of two icons – the wall hanging and the sun mirror – the macrame mirror is well on its way to becoming the new must-have for any boho-inspired interior!

Bohemian wall decoration: trendy pieces

In recent years, the bohemian style has nicely reinvented itself. And in terms of wall decoration, certain pieces now tend to prevail.

Moon Cycle Mirror Version
© Sklum

The moon phase motif is one of the boho trends of the year. We particularly like its version in the form of mirrors, which perfectly illuminate the space located above the headboard or the sofa. And nothing prevents you from being original by arranging the mirrors vertically!

Light Catcher
© Urban Outfitters

Straight back from the 1970s, the light catcher is making a comeback in interior design. We love the slightly esoteric patterns, which add magic to our interiors.

A Straw Hat In The Wall Composition
© World Houses

A few dishes and placemats: here is everything you need to compose a bohemian wall decoration… or almost! Because the trend of the moment is to integrate a straw hat.

Contemporary Weaving
© Etsy Lalestudio

In a very sober or colorful graphic version, contemporary weaving brings a particular charm to the bedroom or living room. This type of artisanal creation is the guarantee of having a unique piece. And if you have a taste for DIY, you can even find very complete kits to learn about the loom and make your own wall decorations.

A flight of swallows
© World Houses

An auspicious omen, the swallow is considered a lucky charm in many cultures. This delicate pattern is ideal for creating a dynamic wall composition, which gently awakens your boho decor.

Monochrome Embossed Painting
© Hk Living

To decorate a large section of wall in your living room, bet on a very large format painting or for a composition in diptych or triptych. Minimalist and very current, monochrome embossed pieces work perfectly in a boho interior.

Openwork Wood Line Art
© World Houses

The Line Art painting is one of the major trends of the year in terms of wall decoration. In a bohemian interior, we love a 100% wood variant, softer than the classic black pattern.

A symbol banner
© Urban Outfitters

Hanging on the wall above the chest of drawers, the sofa or the bed, the boho symbol banner always has its little effect!

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