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How to design a minimalist living room?

The minimalist living room is based on two basic principles:

  • Furniture reduced to the strict minimum;
  • An open and bright space.

The first step to adopting the minimalist living room is therefore to give yourself a little thought to determine what your priorities are in terms of furniture, because the choice depends on your habits.

A Closed Office
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Perhaps you will need a piece of furniture intended for storage. If it is a question of cram books or DVDs, the ideal is to opt for a compact piece of furniture, benefiting from a consequent storage capacity. Prefer a model with beautiful fronts, in order to hide everything, and possibly on a stand, so that it gains in lightness.

One Piece Comfy
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Are you more the type to like your comfort to chill? Bet on the seats, by adopting an extremely cocooning piece, even if it is a little more imposing than a classic armchair!

We commonly hear that the minimalist living room consists of eliminating any superfluous element, especially in terms of decoration: bad idea!

Pure Lines And Natural Materials
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Your living room must be refined to the extreme, but it is important that it nevertheless has personality and, above all, that it is pleasant.

We therefore rely on two tips:

  • Carefully selected materials;
  • Few decorative elements, but with a strong personality.
Design And Strong Color
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The minimalist living room is an opportunity to sublimate design & materials. Among the essentials, to be chosen with particular care: the armchair, the suspension and the side table. If we generally advocate light colors, a vibrant note is welcome, because it brings an extra soul to the whole.

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To bring the minimalist living room to life, consider indoor plants. This is an opportunity to try your hand at the current trend: XXL varieties of plants and shrubs in the living room.

Minimalist living room: ideas to inspire you

In the minimalist living room, pieces of furniture and decorative elements are counted. However, this does not prevent it from displaying a strong personality, and from being available in a very wide variety of styles!

Country Chic Spirit
© Zara Home

In this almost monochrome ecru minimalist living room, all you need is a cushion with a bucolic print and a wooden bench to create a very chic rustic atmosphere. The choice of the bench is particularly smart, since it can serve as a seat, shelf or side table, depending on the needs of the moment.

Deaf colors
© Serax

Very refined, the contemporary style matches the simplicity of the minimalist living room. In order to create a cocooning atmosphere, here we counterbalance the rigor of the lines with cozy textiles. On the color side, we decline the gray by playing on the extremes, the pearl gray illuminating a space dominated by the charcoal gray. This muted palette creates a luminosity of great softness.

New Antic spirit
© Nv Gallery

A beautiful New Antic spirit reigns in this minimalist living room. An iconic element of the antique interior, the daybed sets the tone. Canvases and ceramics accentuate the character of the decor. If these elements are quite numerous, they have been selected in very light shades, almost tone on tone with the color of the paint, which allows them to be discreet.

Arty Furniture
© West Wing

In this small minimalist living room, there is no room for the superfluous. It is therefore the arty style furniture that gives character to the decor.

A Strong Color
© Broste Copenhagen

Afraid of missing out on the choice of colors? Adopt a palette of muted neutrals, such as gray or taupe, which enhance almost any color. Then play with furniture and decor to introduce color. In this very trendy minimalist living room, we fell for a vibrant indigo blue. However, pastels also work.

A dynamic staging
© Broste Copenhagen

In the minimalist living room, it’s all about proportions. Thus, it is not because you have an XL space that you have to bet on a very large format sofa. In this living room, we have therefore selected seats that are relatively compact, but terribly cozy. The generous volumes of the room are an excuse to stage some pretty decorative pieces. Lines and colors give pep.

Zen spirit
© &tradition

In this very zen minimalist living room, we dare the corner sofa in very large format, and in color moreover. The idea to steal: the bouquet of Japanese-inspired suspensions, which creates a beautiful impression of lightness.

The Carpet, An Asset In The Minimalist Living Room
© West Wing

The rug is a real asset to create a cocooning minimalist living room. It is indeed a simple and effective way to delimit the space. We prefer very thick models, as soft to the touch as they are to the eye.

A Rug Of Character
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In the minimalist living room, the carpet is also a real ally to bring personality to the room. We particularly love the aged effect, very trendy, with an aesthetic steeped in authenticity.

Soft Lines
© Nv Gallery

On the furniture side, we melt for organic lines. In addition to their softness, round pieces of furniture have the particularity of appearing more compact. And we focus on color to bring a little dynamism and relief. Here, we put on a palette of neutrals, enhanced with a graphic touch of black.

Bed Throw
© Zara Home

Want to adopt the minimalist living room without completely renewing the furniture? Think of the bedspread, preferably chosen in a very supple and natural material like linen, in order to benefit from a nice fall.

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