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The terracotta color in the bathroom: why is it a good idea?

The bathroom is a space dedicated to rest and relaxation. We gladly choose white, zen and bright, green, a serene and natural color, or blue, fresh and peaceful. Between earthy brown and flamboyant red, the terracotta color offers a trendy alternative. Calm and warm, it is ideal for enjoying a bathroom with a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Terracotta bathroom: 15 ideas to inspire you

In total look or in small touches, contemporary and retro, minimalist or extravagant: the terracotta bathroom opens the door wide to creativity.

A Minimalist Contemporary Terracotta Bathroom
© My Bathroom

Very trendy, the minimalist bathroom does not lack personality when it offers a total terracotta color look. We then favor a pale to medium shade, for a delicately enveloping effect, without being suffocating. So think about playing with different textures, especially to structure the space.

A bathroom in terracotta, soft green and wood
© Allibert

If you are fond of the nature trend, let yourself be inspired by this contemporary bathroom which combines the color terracotta with a very current soft green, enhanced with a touch of light wood. This perfectly balanced palette creates a cocooning and invigorating atmosphere at the same time.

A Warm, Trendy Pale Terracotta
© Leroy Merlin

Halfway between neutral and color, terracotta brings a very nice relief to the bohemian-inspired bathroom. In this small space located under the eaves, we adopted a shade of pale terracotta very trendy this year, which allows to maintain a beautiful light.

Ocher Yellow And Night Blue
© Little Greene

Entirely worked in midnight blue, this spectacular bathroom is illuminated with a touch of saffron yellow. Sublimated by this very chic tandem, the freestanding terracotta bathtub takes center stage.

Industrial spirit
© Aquarine

In this inspired bathroom, we skillfully revisit the codes of industrial decoration. The waxed concrete perfectly sublimates the terracotta-colored furniture, accessorized with black handles. The little extra detail is the raw wood effect flooring, which brings both authenticity and light to the decor.

Retro terracotta tiles in a contemporary bathroom
© Parquet Tiles

This contemporary bathroom takes the terracotta color literally, using pretty terracotta tiles. These retro tiles dress the floor and part of the wall, creating a very dynamic effect. Combined with shelves and a sleek contemporary design bathtub, they create a contrast full of originality.

Terrazzo And Zellige
© Goodhome

Very chic country style, in this terracotta bathroom enhanced with a beautiful blue zellige splashback. If we prioritize here traditional materials and very natural colors, the choice of designer washbasins and taps brings a contemporary note: here is a bathroom that perfectly combines authenticity and modernity.

A Scandinavian Bathroom In Terracotta And Blue -
© Delpha

In recent seasons, the Scandinavian style has been raising the tone: exit from the soft pastels, we dare to use more sustained shades. This Nordic-inspired bathroom thus combines a slightly muted blue with the color of terracotta. A few brass-colored elements are enough to create a very successful boudoir atmosphere.

Terrazzo And Terracotta
© Facq

Combine the color terracotta and terrazzo? More than a good idea, it’s obvious! With this duo, you can be sure to avoid bad taste! And nothing prevents you from showing a little originality, by adopting one of the major painting trends of the year: monochrome.

Painting And Basement -
© Goodhome

To adopt terrazzo in the terracotta bathroom, we generally prefer a pattern on a light background – white or gray, which allows to bring brightness. If terrazzo can dress the floor or the shower, it also allows a touch of daring. Between modernity and retro style, the association of a warm terracotta paint and a terrazzo mineral base has a maximum effect here!

Trendy bathroom
© Parquet Tiles

Metro tiles are a classic in the bathroom! And contrary to popular belief, it is not exclusively reserved for a retro-inspired decor. The proof with this contemporary bathroom which combines terracotta metro tiles with fresh mint green furniture.

A micro bathroom with character
© Leroy Merlin

Easy to live with, the terracotta color combines with a wide range of materials: wood, terrazzo, waxed concrete, but also natural stones. We play with clothing in this micro bathroom, which displays a strong personality despite its modest dimensions.

An Earthy Palette
© Alterna

Fancy a chic and very sophisticated bathroom? Opt for the association of the color terracotta with an essence of dark wood or drawing on the red. To benefit from this sublime aesthetic without indulging in tedious maintenance, bet on porcelain stoneware tiles, which perfectly imitate many types of wood.

Terracotta And Brown
© Alterna

To add relief to the terracotta bathroom, you don’t have to overdo it: just one or two shades of brown. This type of sober and harmonious palette is as effective in a contemporary bathroom as in a bohemian or Japanese-inspired decoration.

Terracotta And Brown
© Alterna

The terracotta color sets the tone in this master suite. Used as an accent color on the bedroom side, where only a few accessories have been placed, it is the dominant color on the bathroom side. A very nice way to differentiate the two areas, simply separated by a wooden glass roof, and to create a very cozy atmosphere.

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