15 trendy ideas and inspirations

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Paint the ceiling

Paint is the simplest decoration to decorate a ceiling. But, be careful: there is no question of choosing the color at random!

Total Look For A Cube Effect
© Tollens

The trendiest option is the total look. By painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, you get a very cozy cube effect. This bias works in every room, from the dining room to the hallway. When it comes to color, it’s best to choose your shade based on the size of the room and the exposure. For a truly intimate atmosphere, dare the deep color. In a very small space, give preference to cool colors – blue, green or purple, which are cooler. In medium to large rooms, go for warm colors: terracotta, spicy yellow or plum, for example.

A Trendy Black Ceiling
© Castorama

For the right balance between trend and brightness, go for the dark ceiling. The most daring – and THE trend of the moment, is the black ceiling, of course!

One Color Deep Matte Finish
© Mercadier

Bold and theatrical, a dark ceiling is also extremely effective in reshaping space. We adopt it without hesitation to make the space cozy, when a room has a dizzying ceiling height. For maximum effect, we fall for a paint with a mat or velvet finish.

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A well-chosen light shade
© Mercadier

In a small space or in a room with a low ceiling, on the other hand, we fall for a light shade. To maintain a cocooning atmosphere, forget about pure white and opt for an alternative such as ecru.

From wallpaper to the ceiling

If it has experienced a few years of disenchantment, wallpaper has made a comeback in our interiors. The reasons for this success are above all technological innovations, which today make it possible to find products with an irreproachable look and easy to hang on the wall… or on the ceiling!

Floor To Ceiling Wallpaper
© Graham & Brown

The famous “cube effect” works wonderfully with wallpaper. Pastel Scandinavian atmosphere or Gatsby spirit in black and gold: start by choosing your style, then line the room from floor to ceiling! Be careful, however, with the total look. If you fall for a baroque pattern and strong colors, it may be wise to paint a wall in a light color. Choose the section of wall hosting the window, in order to boost the brightness.

A Custom Wallpaper
© Isidore Leroy

Panoramic wallpaper has become a must. We particularly fall for the trompe-l’oeil patterns. And let’s face it: it also works wonderfully to decorate the ceiling! For a truly perfect result, be sure to adopt a tailor-made model, the dimensions of which strictly correspond to those of your ceiling.

A trompe-l’oeil ceiling

To give relief to the ceiling, bet on a classic: tiles and slabs. Like most current materials, they benefit from innovations that allow them to display a breathtaking aesthetic.

Polystyrene Slabs
© Bricorama

True classics, polystyrene tiles offer a wide choice of patterns to decorate the ceiling with discretion.

Black Uniform Effect Cabinets
© Armstrong Ceilings

The box-effect tiles are a ceiling decoration well-found in a classic interior or of classic chic inspiration… but not only! In a bold black color, they bring a sophisticated and warm touch to an industrial or contemporary interior.

Concrete effect
© Murdesign

From concrete to the ceiling: and why not? For a resolutely current interior, we use and abuse wood, favoring massive pieces, which will be particularly well highlighted in this urban mineral setting.

Tile effect
© Murdesign

To decorate the ceiling of a room with modern decoration, we dare the sophisticated patterns. In this modern living room with chic ethnic accents, we fell in love with a beautiful tiled effect.

Decorative tips to enhance the ceiling

Playing with colors and effects: this is the best way to decorate the ceiling. However, it is far from the only one!

Slats On The Ceiling
© Ikea

Authentic or imitated, wooden slats remain safe values ​​for decorating the ceiling and creating a cocooning atmosphere in a room. Simply adapt the type of wood or the finish to your decor. In this Nordic-inspired nursery, we opted for a light finish. In a seaside interior, we prefer a white wash or a float effect.

A Bouquet Of Paper Lights
© Ikea

If you like to renew your decor according to trends, bet on simplicity. Simply use light fixtures to highlight the ceiling. Think of Japanese balls, these paper lanterns that come in a wide variety of templates, do not hesitate to collect them!

An Avanlanche Of Suspensions
© Ikea

The great alternative is to happily mix up lighting and hanging decorations. In this very wise interior, the ceiling has turned into a real Milky Way!

Beams And Color
© Benjamin Moore

Exposed beams are real allies in decorating the ceiling. To highlight a very light wood type, go for the colored ceiling, choosing a slightly muted color, like this beautiful gray green.

A platform to give relief to the room
© Msa France

Decorating the ceiling provides an opportunity to be creative, even daring. Here, we simply used a canopy support and a large circular tray to create a suspended platform. An original way to isolate a corner of the living room to install a dining area, for example.

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