15 practical and trendy ideas for a cozy guest room

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A cozy guest room

When it comes to the guest room, it is common to go for the simplest: white walls, a bed and basic decoration. To create a beautiful guest room as for any other room in the house, we start by taking the time to think about the decor.

Cozy Guest Room
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Failing to choose a specific theme or style, bet on a character color. This simple trick is enough to create a sophisticated atmosphere and a very cozy enveloping effect.

Guest Room With Bathroom
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Some jobs do not scare you? Create a guest bedroom like a master suite, by creating a bathroom space that will offer your guests total independence!

Guest room: we choose the bed well!

The bed is the heart of your guest room. It is therefore a question of choosing a model perfectly suited to the dimensions of the room. Ideally, we opt for the double bed, which can accommodate a couple.

Design bench bed
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If you use the guest room as an office when you are not entertaining your loved ones, go for the daybed, which folds up as its name suggests to turn into a small sofa. You can even opt for a model equipped with storage, in which you will fit duvet and pillows.

Convertible Sofa Bed
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The daybed comes in a variety of designs and materials. Between retro wrought iron, vintage rattan or Scandinavian minimalist lines, you are spoiled for choice. But, whatever model makes you fall for it, don’t forget the cushions to fill it and make it more comfortable!

Bed With Integrated Storage
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Do you have beautiful volumes? In this case, fall for an authentic double bed. And to offer a peaceful and very chic setting to your guests, take inspiration from a trend picked up by large hotels: the centered bed. By moving away from the wall, it creates a most pleasant island effect! For a more cocooning effect, we dare the four-poster bed or we fall for an XXL headboard – an idea all the smarter than it allows to structure the room effectively.

Room in front of the window
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Depending on the configuration of the room, you can dare an atypical layout. Here, we installed the bed in front of the window, using the headboard as a half-partition: a trick that allows the space to be fully exploited despite the imposing windows.

A guest room “like in a hotel”

If you want to make the stay of your loved ones unforgettable, it is a question of pampering them!

Mini Dressing
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No doubt your guests will appreciate unpacking their suitcases and being able to put their clothes away! Many interior design brands offer clothes racks – authentic mini-wardrobes perfect for small spaces. While they are originally designed for the entrance or for a studio, they are also very useful in the guest room.

Wall Shelf With Pateres
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Do you lack space ? Adopt discreet hooks. The good idea: adopt a system that allows you to combine coat hooks and shelves. Here again, we do not hesitate to dig into the solutions designed to equip an entrance.

set of bed linen
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Textiles are essential to create a gentle atmosphere. In the guest room, we therefore first choose a pretty bed set, favoring soft materials: cotton percale or crumpled linen, for example.

Abusing Cushions And Plaids
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In addition, we use and abuse cushions and throws. Especially since they come in an infinite variety of styles. From the Liberty print to the chic ethnic pattern: you will no doubt find the perfect models to refine the decor of your guest room!

Scented Candles And Lighting
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Even if your hosts only spend a night or two at home, it’s important that they have all the comforts. The bedside table is a basic. It also allows you to have some delicate touches – for example scented candles.

A Bouquet To Bring Life -
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A guest room with vegetal decor

Outside the periods of reception of relatives, the guest room can remain unoccupied. This can make it a little impersonal, despite a careful layout and decoration. The trick: bet on a vegetable decoration. If you don’t have a green thumb – or if you don’t want too tedious maintenance, opt for dried flowers or even for the pampas grass, even more trendy.

Office Reading Area
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The choice of furniture

The guest room must offer maximum comfort and functionality. An armchair and a desk area are welcome.

Armchair For A Relaxation Area
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The height of chic? Set up a real relaxation area in the guest room! If space allows, adopt the two-seater sofa, and arrange it so as to isolate it from the space dedicated to sleep: this way of structuring the space will be enough to transform your guest room into a dignified mini-suite. of a great hotel!

Large Mirror In Guest Room
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The large mirror is very useful to give depth to a room: a feature that can be welcome in a guest room with small dimensions. Ethnic, romantic or baroque: it is also a precious ally when it comes to decorating the room. And not to spoil anything, your guests will be able to contemplate there full-length to get dressed. A must have!

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