15 people indicted after town hall fire

Fifteen people were indicted after a fire which completely destroyed the town hall of Persan (Val-d’Oise) and damaged the municipal police station during the riots which followed the death of Nahel at the end of June, the prosecutor announced on Saturday of Pontoise.

The suspects were all placed under judicial supervision, prosecutor Pierre Sennès told AFP, who did not wish to specify their ages or provide further details.

Arrested on Tuesday at their homes, they were indicted on charges of destruction by an organized gang of the property of others by means dangerous to people, participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime, participation in a group formed with a view to preparing violence against people or destruction or damage to property.

Nearly 2,000 convictions in three months

The town hall of Persan, located about sixty kilometers west of Paris, was “entirely destroyed by fire as part of the urban riots as well as the neighboring municipal police station” on the night of June 30, said the Pontoise public prosecutor’s office, in a press release.

As of August 1, 2,107 people were tried, 1,989 were sentenced, 90% of whom “to a prison sentence”, according to the Ministry of Justice.

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