15 Home Decor Ideas and Inspirations Made In USA

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Traditional Christmas decorations in the USA

If the American Christmases are dreaming, it is above all because across the Atlantic, we do not skimp on decoration. From the garden to the kitchen via the living room, the whole house is celebrating!

Christmas Wreaths
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The essential for a Christmas “made in the USA” is of course the wreath… or rather: THE wreaths. Because they adorn the door, but also the windows, and possibly the banisters and the fireplace.

Garlands Associated With Crowns
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In addition, bet on uniformity, adopting the same type of composition for all the Christmas wreaths in the house, and associate them with garlands that will adorn the different elements: doors, windows or stairs.

Very Chic Bouquets
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The height of chic? Add bouquets to complete the Christmas decoration, of course!

Socks On The Fireplace
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Among the essentials for an American Christmas: the essential socks! Usually, one is provided for each member of the family… and even for the cats and dogs in the house.

An American Christmas tree

The big star of Christmas decoration in the USA is of course the tree. And only one rule applies: choose it as large as possible! It is therefore not uncommon to find XL trees in interiors of relatively modest dimensions.

A Large Format Tree
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The final touch to your XL tree is the pile of gifts placed at the base… even if it means cheating a little by making purely decorative packages!

From Mini Format To Xxl Model
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What makes the American holiday decor so special is undoubtedly a very pronounced Christmas spirit. If the large format tree is a “must have”, we do not hesitate to associate it with mini versions, which dot the house.

A Bright Deco
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For a resolutely American Christmas decoration, it is important to think of your decoration in day version, and in night version. We use and abuse light garlands, so, and for the occasion, we do not hesitate to show imagination. Here, we opted for a simple and effective DIY: a light headboard simply made with an LED garland and a piece of driftwood. So beautiful that we would keep it well all year round!

A Christmas decoration to eat

To make the Christmas holidays magical, Americans leave nothing to chance: delicacies and perfumes are also part of the game to make the interior cozy. It is also common for the decorative elements to be chewable… literally!

Candy canes
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Candy canes – those traditionally red and white barley sugars – are essentials for an authentic American Christmas decoration. Depending on your inspiration, you can hang them on the tree, use them to make your centerpieces or your wreath, or to add the final touch to your bouquets. The easy alternative: drop them all over the house, pairing them with cinnamon and anise sticks, for a decor that is as pretty as it is fragrant.

Gingerbread House
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The other must-see is the Gingerbread House – the gingerbread house. Don’t you really have a knack for baking? Don’t panic: there are tasty versions available as a kit. You just have to assemble it … and try to wait until Christmas Day to bite it!

Diy Popcorn Garland
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How about making a popcorn garland? It’s one of the most popular DIYs in the US during the holiday season – and one of the easiest to make! To add color to your creation, you can also use cranberries (or cranberries) as pearls.

What style of decoration for a Christmas “made in the USA”?

Traditionally, the American Christmas decoration comes in red, white and green with a touch of retro. But to breathe a little American air at home, it’s far from your only option!

A Traditional Trapper Spirit Deco
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Do you fall for an American Christmas in the purest tradition? To polish the atmosphere, get inspired by the chalet spirit – even the trapper spirit: cozy plaid throws, retro toys and decorations, lanterns …

Scandinavian atmosphere
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Between modern decor and a little Scandinavian spirit, this Christmas decoration in charcoal gray flirts with perfection!

An American And Minimalist Christmas
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Reconciling a minimalist interior with the Christmas decoration dear to Americans: mission impossible? Not sure ! Just bet on poinsettias (or Christmas roses), very popular during the holidays, and adopt them in an immaculate version. This flower is sufficient on its own to give a little Yankee accent to the decor!

A Well-Furnished Fake Fireplace
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Whether it is installing a wreath and a garland, socks, a Christmas village or a farandole of candles, the fireplace is a central decorative element during the holidays, especially in the USA. If you don’t have one, go for a decorative model. But beware: once you’ve installed it, you might want to keep it all year!

Sophisticate Star Night Atmosphere
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If you have fallen for a deep color, bet without hesitation on the emblematic light garlands of the US Christmas decoration: magical atmosphere guaranteed!

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